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Red Letter Day

Whoo Hoo we’ve got our 1st visa Kyrgyzstan. Only another zillion to go. Share It | Bookmark It | Post It

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Russian invitation

I am actually holding a copyof our Russian business visa invitation which means we can now apply for our visa. I cant make head nor tail of it but it looks good! This truly is a red letter day- ha ha Share It | Bookmark It | Post It

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Leaving date and visas

We have been slaving over a hot computer working out timing for visas and scaring ourselves about how little time we have left. We are aiming to leave at the start of May which means we have a month to do about 3 months work, including emptying our flat, finishing the bike off, and applying […]

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March progress report

We have still got soooo much to do its scary. Karen has made a start at clearing the house, I am still trying to finish the bike off, still got loads of things to finish, test, powdercoat etc Share It | Bookmark It | Post It

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Hi all. It is all getting very real now and the time is flying by. We are starting to clear the house out and we had a friend come to look at it who may well take it over when we go. Share It | Bookmark It | Post It

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