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Turkey at last

We have just swum in the mediterrean sea! Today we made it in to Turkey and had our first taste of border crossings this one took two hours, sailed through till last check point then back and forth insurance ,visas, they wanted cash only we had no money changed money and then free to go. […]


More Progress

Hi AllWe crossed the border from Romania into Bulgaria early this morning and we are currently in a campsite in Kazanlac midway through Bulgaria. We hopefully will get into Turkey tom or the next day.Its getting really hot now which is cutting down our riding time slighly, the roof has been an absolute lifesaver in […]

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Progress Report 2

We left last Tuesday and have so far travelled through: France,Belgium,Luxembourg,Germany, Czech Rep,Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, Highlights so far : the Czech republic and Romania, both are beautiful in different ways and very much different to the rest of  Europe. In parts trravelling in like stepping back in time, sharing the roads with horses […]


Progress report

Please excuse the lack of posts\ tweets, we left a week or two later than we intended so we have travelled through Europe fairly quickly in order to get down to Turkey by the end of June. We have visas starting for Azerbaijan then and two more for Kaz and Mon to pick up in […]

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Slovakia – via text message

22/05/2010 18:12 – In lovely camp in Zilina Slovakia. Get to Romania tommrow. When at Ankara will find internet cafe and wait for visas. Share It | Bookmark It | Post It


Dont give up !

 We have had a few problems this week and we are still in the UK, but dont give up on us we havent !I will explain when we have more time but suffice it to say we are over the worst of it now and we are are booked on a ferry early monday morning, […]

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Leaving date

Hi all, we have had to delay our leaving date until wednesday to get a couple of important documents and loose ends sorted. We are both  flat out trying to get everything ready, it is going to be a mad scramble but the visa clock is now ticking !  Wish us luck (we are probably […]

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