Progress Report 2

We left last Tuesday and have so far travelled through: France,Belgium,Luxembourg,Germany, Czech Rep,Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, Highlights so far : the Czech republic and Romania, both are beautiful in different ways and very much different to the rest of  Europe. In parts trravelling in like stepping back in time, sharing the roads with horses and carts and animals grazing by the roadside. Then you are reminded you are in 2010 by a new Audi overtaking us both at speed. There is conspicuous wealth and real poverty here but not in equal measure. The roads are a challenge especially in the North, the only time I have ever seen roads as pot holed was in Africa. If you think the UK roads are bad at the moment multiply the worst of them by a factor of about 5 and you get some idea how bad they are. That said they have improved dramatically as we have come further South. I am told Rusian roads  are even worse so that should be interesting. I have quite enjoyed riding them in a purverse way though, its a bit like off roading but on a highway shared with lots of  other traffic\people\livestock\wildfowl etc. We hope to be in Bulgaria by the end of Tom and Turkey a day or two later. My only regret so far is not having more time to explore the Czech Rep and Romania, a real shame. Its been fun to ride through them though. Must go bike needs a check over its taken a real battering today. Will try to post more later while we still have wifi. Ciao Kev
  1. #1 by Lindsay Crook on May 25, 2010 - 9:53 pm

    Sounds like all the hard work has been worth it!! I’m enjoying the updates and glad to hear you are both having fun!! Keith is still waiting to get online at the flat so sending love from both of us xx

  2. #2 by Steveindenmark on May 25, 2010 - 6:59 pm

    Good to see you are doing so well. Have any of the mods fallen off or failed yet?


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