More Progress

Hi All
We crossed the border from Romania into Bulgaria early this morning and we are currently in a campsite in Kazanlac midway through Bulgaria. We hopefully will get into Turkey tom or the next day.Its getting really hot now which is cutting down our riding time slighly, the roof has been an absolute lifesaver in the heat. I am so glad I persevered with it, we have not taken it down since we left .Also  because it looks so different we get lots of smiles and waves and toots on the road We were running paralell to a train in Romania and we could see the driver and crew all presed up against the window so we gave them a wave and a toot. and they gave us a few blasts of the trains horn and grins all round The bike continues ti introduce us to lots of nice people so far as someone always comes over to look at it whenever we stop anywhere
We are meeting up with a Horizons unlimited community in Ankarap, they have offered their help while we are there getting ready for the Stans and Russia.Will try and post more in Ankara must go need sleep
Ciao Kev
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