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Beynau after the lorry ride

The ride in the lorry was rough enough for us but the poor Guzz took the brunt on the flat bed. A couple of times we had to stop to tighten the straps as she lent more and more over we eventually left her on her side leaning on the panniers. We know we lost […]

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The Surface of the Moon

Today we tackle THE ROAD about a 150miles it is fine then we face a 350km stretch of no petrol, towns oh and no road to speak of. The surface of the moon is not far out imagine a dust road which in winter becomes a mud bath through which heavy lorries travel thus creating […]

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We arrived in Aktau on the ferry at1pm all of us had to remain on the ship until the sniffer dog had gone round each cabin, a lovely little spaniel which hovered over our biscuits but realising he was on duty duly turned and left us alone. We all then boarded a mini bus to […]

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Bad luck in Kazakhstan

We were doing realy well until we left Aktau in Kazakhstan headed for Uzbekistan.The road is notoriously bad, mostly dirt and sand but we were doing ok until trying to avoid several big holes we ended up riding along a nasty loose slope and I had no choice but to go down as I could […]

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1st tumble

Woke lateish hot, hot, hot got all packed up from our free camp in a kind of thistle valley, all uneaven and dry. Decided to let Kev ride out solo as tricky, he had barely got going fully laiden when he hit a funny camber, went to put his foot down but just found air […]



1st taste of border madness got stamped out ok but I got off bike big mistake I am now a nobody and have to queue with the locals in 30deg heat at 10am. Kev faired not much better as they want $50 customs and we don’t think we have it. Now reunited we’re in but […]

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Fairly easy border only an hour or so but what a culture change the other side. We went from every scrap of land used & seaside towns to cows roaming the streets, trees, grass, greenery everywhere. It seems a very poor country. The roads are non exsistant in towns but full of lorries,people, wildlife oh […]

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Leaving Turkey

Hi all We are a little behind with blogging as no internet for while. We are currently in Baku Azerbaijan waiting for the ferry to cross the Caspian sea into Kazakhstan so I will try fill in some gaps.We have had to push on as we obtained most of our visas in London and our […]

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Meeting people

Turkey has been amazing for meeting people right from the start we were made to feel welcome by all we have encountered. Some have really gone out of their way to help namely Ozgur who loaned the use of his computer for an entire day whilst Kev changed the oil on the bike outside, buying […]

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Cappadocia and beyond

HelloWe left Ankara on Thusday afternoon having obtained our visas for Kazakhstan  and headed down to the Cappadocia region in central Turkey. it was about 11pm by the time we got there but we still received a warm welcome despite the late hour. We tried to free camp at about 9 oclock because we thought […]

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