Hı Everyone,

We are in Ankara sorting out visas for Monglia and Kazakhstan. I thought I was well prepared as I had downloaded the street maps of where they were only to fınd they have moved all the embassys to a new location on the outskirts of town (sorry Donna all our hard work) We have been told we need an invite for Mongolia or may be able to obtain it elsewhere, we shall see. The Kaz is in the hands of the embassy as we speak.
We have met a lovely contact in Ankara (Ozgur) through Horizons Unlimited who took us out for a meal last night and has made us feel so welcome. I am currently using his computer as we speak.
We have also had a rare couple of days off from travelling and visited the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul what an experience, as was riding in the traffic to get there. It seems anything goes if there isn’t a lane make one, red lights maybe stop, one way (well I’m only going one way) you get the picture and the rush hour lasted from 7-11.30am and 4-7pm. Think gridlock on M25 wıth enterprising people trying to sell you anything as you have stopped for more than a minute and you halfway there. We left the bike and wandered round Istanbul with no street map but surprisingly found our way with only a few wrong turns. We had heart in mouth moment when the bike alarm went off and rushed back only to find a courious crowd had gathered and were trying to work out what all the different bits did when we showed them where we were going they were in awe, we had quite a group by the time we left.
We both love Turkey so far, the people have gone out of their way to be friendly. We were ınvited to join a street market wıth food stalls and locals selling their wares and making bread etc I even got into the swing of things and bought a silk headscarf off a local which went down a treat. The young school children were trying their english out as we were as much a novalty to them as they were to us.One lady bought us food to try insisted on sharing hers and was so lovely we felt totally safe and left our jackets and helmets to wander around and soak up the atmosphere.
I am going to try to learn how get some pictures on the site as we have a few now so will say bye for now (Boofle says hi he is a little grubby but enjoying the scenery.)
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