Cappadocia and beyond

We left Ankara on Thusday afternoon having obtained our visas for Kazakhstan  and headed down to the Cappadocia region in central Turkey. it was about 11pm by the time we got there but we still received a warm welcome despite the late hour. We tried to free camp at about 9 oclock because we thought the campstes might be shut up for the night. Whilst looking for a suitable site we got a pull from the local jendarme our second  since leaving home. We must have looked really dodgy riding slowly shining the headlights into the undergroiwth. Anyhow they screeched to a halt armed to the teeth as all Turkish police are and rattled something off in Turkish, we replied sorry no Turkish we are English. There followed a long silence in the dark and then the driver simply said good night and drove off.
We stayed in a town called Goreme and riding there in the dark was magical as the whole town is built in and around what the locals call fairy chimneys pillars of a material called Tufa which is a mix of volcanic ash and mud. This is extremely soft and the action of wind and rain has eroded it into thousands of columns and a miriad of strange shapes.  Also in this region was the open air muesum a whole valley of ‘cave’ dwellings mostly churches all beautifully decorated on the walls and ceilings. When we thought that was amazing we then visited an underground city. Wow nothng’s new it’s all been done before this was vast really vast on about 5 levels it had a stable at the top dining areas kitchen vast storage and wine racks. a real city underground. Cappadocia is a beautiful region we want to stay longer but the clock on the visas is ticking loudly so tomorrow we head up and across towards Georgia.
  1. #1 by Jane on June 11, 2010 - 10:08 pm

    Sounds wonderful, shame you can’t stay longer – still I suppose if you stayed at all the great places you’d be away for ever! Happy travels. Love Jane x

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