Meeting people

Turkey has been amazing for meeting people right from the start we were made to feel welcome by all we have encountered. Some have really gone out of their way to help namely Ozgur who loaned the use of his computer for an entire day whilst Kev changed the oil on the bike outside, buying us ice creams, dinner and being a star & Ergin who did similar and also helping us save photos and much more, thankyou so much for everything and we hope you two are now good friends . Some have been brief moments in time the owner of Panoras shopping mall who found our website and on realising we were outside came out to offer his assistance for our stay in Tukey.The mechanics who not only fixed the alternator but treated us to impromptu lunch. The english lads who we invited to tea in Goreme and who recommended the underground city.The english travellers on a BMW andTriumph Michael and esp Geoff who gave up his furry seat cover to save Kev’s bottom from chafe wounds (it did the trick hope your ride home wasn’t too sore). Our first real encounter the young mother in the beypazari market.The apartment owner in Uzangol who let us off £7 when we realised in the morning we were short. The lady who I asked where to buy some bread When she finally understood went up to the restaurant in the big department and got one from from the kitchen refusing to take any money. The free camp farmer who invited us to his village for tea.
We love Turkey and only wish we could have stayed a lot longer we would love to return.
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