Leaving Turkey

Hi all
We are a little behind with blogging as no internet for while. We are currently in Baku Azerbaijan waiting for the ferry to cross the Caspian sea into Kazakhstan so I will try fill in some gaps.
We have had to push on as we obtained most of our visas in London and our Tadj one started on 10th June and only runs for 30days.
Leaving the Cappadocia region we headed north and east trundling along nicely until the dual carriageway went into one,then both sharing, then whallop end of tarmac no warnings so we trundle along our merry way with cars and lorries all joistling for there bit of road when they decide to damp it down and make into a mud bath how Kev managed to keep it upright with a lorry head on we both don’t know but we make it to fight another day!
Found what we thought was a lovely natural meadow to free camp in but about 9pm the farmer came to explain it was his hay meadow and ready to cut. Lots of gestures later we offered to move on but he said stay one night and we think offered food at his place we declined as were both dog ttired. In the morning we tried to fluff the grass back up to minimise the damage but our penance was we were both mauled to death by midges I have about 20 very large angry welts all over Kev didn’t escape either.It was the closest we have got to an upset or angry turkish person.
Next day into Erzican to find a garage to fix the alternator. We joined the queue about 9am but didn’t get seen until about 11am caught up on a few things whilst waiting the mechanics then excelled themselves not only did they fix the alternator by taking it apart down to it’s bare components they also went out of their way to make us lunch an excellent meal of mince,tomatoes some spice, eggs all eaten with fresh bread and washed down with a cup of cay (chi) all this for £15 lots of photos later (already on the site) we departed for Trazbon up in the mountains we got so high we ended up riding through the cloud cover a very surreal experience not seeing infront of you on a twisty mountain road but they had  flashing lights on the edge so it was ok.
Last night inTurkey ended up 30km out of our way after asking 5 people for camping directions ended up in swiss style ski resort with no camping the hotels were way above our budget but at 10pm we were close to needing them when I scored a pension for a third less It was bliss. Lovely breakfast of cold meat and cheese later we realised we were short of money thinking we could pay by card but the amazing generousity that as has been constantly been shown by the turkish people meant he let us off the difference £5-10′s worth.
Turkey is amazing well reccomended we will be sorry to leave tomorrow.
Have to sign off now 2am bed yesterday not much better tonight and hopefully a ferry to catch. Georgia and Azerbaijan update next time.
  1. #1 by Julie on June 15, 2010 - 1:49 pm

    Dear Karen and Kev

    Careful in a couple of the Stans, there’s big trouble in the cities.


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