1st taste of border madness got stamped out ok but I got off bike big mistake I am now a nobody and have to queue with the locals in 30deg heat at 10am. Kev faired not much better as they want $50 customs and we don’t think we have it. Now reunited we’re in but the bike isn’t we only scrape together $49 (thank god I asked for dollars as a leaving gift from work, thank you all at Horsham Library and Nige & Sharon). We’re in!
Stopped twice by police first time the language barrier seemed to work as after the initial phase of gestures he said water and showed us a river to wet our faces and hair a welcome relief. Our second stop was a little more serious we had given the border officals all our dollars and had no local currency as we were heading for a larger town to draw some out. We were taken to a large office a asked for $50 dollars after some time this was reduced to $30 then $20 it was only when I got our drinks from the bike and made myself comfortable removed my jacket and Kev opened his empty wallet they relented and waved us out.
Next town we came to whilst Kev was drawing necessary funds I was approached by what turned out to be a local TV station the general gist was they wanted to do an interview about us so we agreed. At the station one lady spoke good english we were filmed and interviewed so we are officially demi famous only on local Ganja TV but it made up for the cop earlier. All this in one day found a free camp that night..
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