Fairly easy border only an hour or so but what a culture change the other side. We went from every scrap of land used & seaside towns to cows roaming the streets, trees, grass, greenery everywhere. It seems a very poor country. The roads are non exsistant in towns but full of lorries,people, wildlife oh and no road signs we had no mapping as I managed to lose the only map on the road so it’s a challenge to find our way across this country. the heat is increasing daily and the roads are detiorating it’s all good fun. Spent a night or two free camping 2nd one near Azerbaijan border tried one promising looking track only to end up in an army training site in the hills so hastly waved and said we would leave. A little further on found a small spot nestling in the hills not hidden enough to put up the tipi but we strung the tarp from the bike and slept under the stars.
Next morn we headed for the border. 
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