Bad luck in Kazakhstan

We were doing realy well until we left Aktau in Kazakhstan headed for Uzbekistan.
The road is notoriously bad, mostly dirt and sand but we were doing ok until trying to avoid several big holes we ended up riding along a nasty loose slope and I had no choice but to go down as I could feel I was losing grip. At the bottom was the mother of all holes that knocked the wind out of us. I also felt something break when we hit the bottom. Treading the bike into gear and releasing the clutch confirmed the fact that we had no drive, I suspected we had broken a driveshaft a big problem condidering we were in the middle of the Kazak steppe a arid scrubby desert about 250 km from anywhere and the temperature in the sun was in the high 40′s. We knew straight away that we had to get out of there and fast, there are a lot of trucks on that road and luckily the next one that came along was a flatbed artic with ramps on the back. We winched the bike onto the back a scary process as the bed was about 5 feet high and the ramps steep with only  3 inch wide metal beams to try to keep the tyres on. The bike then had the beating from hell as it travelled another 250km on rutted potholed dirt roads. We are currently in Beyneu having spent several days repairing the damage and hopefully tom we will be ready for a test ride. But a lot more besides has happened since then which we will update you with next time.   Crooked taxi drivers and Kazak beaurocracy have conspired to make it a hell of a week.

  1. #1 by Jane on June 26, 2010 - 11:37 am

    Was wondering what had happened to you with no postings for a week or so, guess it was never going to be plan sailing all the way! Hope you are back up and running soon, look forward to hearing more stories soon ideally happier ones. Keep safe. love Jane x

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