Beynau after the lorry ride

The ride in the lorry was rough enough for us but the poor Guzz took the brunt on the flat bed. A couple of times we had to stop to tighten the straps as she lent more and more over we eventually left her on her side leaning on the panniers. We know we lost stuff as it bounced along hopefully not too much.
Lucky for us we had a contact in Beynau the town we were heading for through Horizons unlimited a travellers website so we knew there was a workshop (Loysha’s) we had the directions and a phone number thank you Tiffany. Arriving outside our problems weren’t over where the lorry driver had been in a rush to be on his way he had over tighten the ratchet straps on the handle bars which were rubber mounted, this caused them to strip their threads and move. The straps which had then unbeknownst to us been chafing all the intercom and other wiring and now the winch didn’t work, the reason the bike was lying on it’s side was the force had caused the side stand to bend and for some reason we had no steering, no worries when your 5ft up on a flat bed. Lucky we had we negotiated the fee with the lorry driver and paid up or it might have doubled. I scored a few more bods from the workshop and the five of us manhandled her into Victors workshop. Looking her over Victor thought we had had an accident the damage looked so bad with no steering. He opened his workshop to us and gave up his room what a star. we collasped for an hour or so then went to assess the damage.
Along with fixing the drive shaft which had sheared in two (for the non motorcycle people this means no forward drive when you put it in gear a big problem) the lack of steering was a bolt had becomed wedged on one side so that was ok but the handlebars had strpped all their threads so we would have to find some more longer ones and hope it holds. Wiring the intercom leads had been severed in three places along with gps and other wires possibly all fixable. The centre stand and side stand needed welding along with other bits of the framework to hold boxes on.
That was enough to be going on with.
Realising we would now have to registar our visas the next day we scored a lift into town only to find the local police don’t do it. It was Aktau or Atrau both of which were 460km away back on the road we had travelled or in the opposite direction to Atrau we tried hard to argue to do it in town but no. Arriving back at Loysha’s who was currently in Aktau we were prepared to ignor it and pay a fine on the border but when Victor heard from our driver he made it clear we would be in deep trouble with a heafty fine $1000 poss jail and organised a minibus to take us to Atrau that night and said if we turned up 1st thing in the morning we should only get a small fine, not something that filled us with joy but he was very insistant.
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