The Surface of the Moon

Today we tackle THE ROAD about a 150miles it is fine then we face a 350km stretch of no petrol, towns oh and no road to speak of. The surface of the moon is not far out imagine a dust road which in winter becomes a mud bath through which heavy lorries travel thus creating big groves and sink holes sprinkle with gravel every now an then, then multiply by six as when it gets too bad on the main “road” everyone takes to the plains thus creating a multiple choice of routes to choose all as bad as each other.
We trundle along ok for about 40km when the bike starts to misfire really badly getting worse we stop. We have no shade and the heat is intense Kev thinks it is the coil as we changed one in Baku so he tries that no joy, now he is a molten pool of sweat we try the plugs they are black and oily eventually we get her to run but not well Kev is suffering from mild heat stoke so as it’s 4pm we backtrack to the last town 40km away. We make it to a kind of bus stop in town where Kev virtually falls of the bike onto the pavement he is so wiped out by the heat. I go into the shops to score some iced tea and water and fully expect to come back and find a molten pool where Kev once was but no he’s still in one piece but looks like he feels lots of iced tea later and he looks more like a Kev again. The heat is now catching up with me and I have a spliting headache. Some time later revived a bit we score some petrol and head back out of town and in the shade of the only trees for miles we change the jets on the bike to try stop the misfire which we think is caused by the plugs fouling up on the poor quality petrol, then continue to the start of the rough stuff where we make camp ready to leave at first light.
It’s dawn so we pack up the tarp our second night truly under the stars which last night were magnificent certainly no light pollution here. We are fueled up and have enough water and now know what to expect what could possibly go wrong!

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