Two Wheels Again

What joy to be back under our own steam and independent again. With all the kerfuffal of the last week we had time to do some major thinking, having seen on the news the Kyrgyzstan/Uzbeckistan border of Osh had riots, fighting, gun fire etc this was the one we were heading for, we thought to miss out Kyrgyzstan and apply for a second entry to Uzbekistan only by the time we were reunited with the Guzz our Uzbekistan visa only had three days left to run. With no room for the unexpected and a hard three days ride we would only just make Tashkent to apply for an extension so prudence prevaled and we are riding around the entire length and breadth of Kazakhstan in order to obtain our Mongolian visa which used to be at Almaty but may have been moved to Astana. We were recomended by an army lad in Beynau not to head out on the straightest route there as this went past some sensitive borders where more fighting was occurring. We have been back on the road over a week, free camping two nights and finding cheap accomadation the third in order to wash clothes ourselves etc. As we are heading north it has become noticable cooler it now resembles a hot british summertime before this it has been silly hot. The kind of heat where by 8am you feel as though you have been out all day. When you don the bike clothing by half an hours riding the salt has leeched out of your body and left pretty patterns all over your clothing (it’s a myth women don’t sweat I have salt lines to prove it) the ambient air is so hot it’s like being slowly roasted and although you need to drink lots of water that is now the temperature of bath water (just how I like it, Yummy!) by 2pm you’re so drained from the heat you and most of the population find a tree, river anywhere with shade and flump until at least 5.30pm when you can continue again. We are almost at Astana hoping the embassy has moved here if not another 1400km to Almaty only to almost return here again for the Russian border.
  1. #1 by Jane on July 5, 2010 - 1:11 pm

    Oh my goodness, you are certainly having an adventure, I hope that the upbeat tone of your blog means that you are still enjoying it and taking all the problems in your stride. I’m sure James will never comment on the bathroom arrangements at LeMans again after reading yours – not my scene I’m afraid I’m a luxury girl at heart. Wishing you luck for the next part of your trip, fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. Keep safe. Love Jane x
    PS We were thinking about you over the weekend at the Festival of Speed – about us all those years ago stalking poor Eddie Irvine!

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