Just a quick blog to say thanks to the person on facebook who asked for more photos. We have been busily uploading pictures to the site which shares with flickr facebook etc so I wondered why there wasn’t enough. On checking again it seems our mobiles were set for private viewing only! Doh (slaps forehead) SORRY they are all public content now so you have a shmorgas board to view.
  1. #1 by Jane on July 8, 2010 - 10:24 am

    Have just seen your photos – I’d wondered why there wasn’t many but assumed it was lack of internet access. A great collection and could recognise the places and people from your posts. Rather relieved there wasn’t any photographic evidence of the toilet facilities but suppose it might have been censored! Just noticed your twitter post that you have to go to Almaty after all, that’s a real shame. Anyway keep posting, I love turning on my computer in the morning and seeing that you have an update.Good luck with the Visa’s and hopefully you will be back on route soon. Jane x

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