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Sorry for the updates all in one hit it’s hard when stuff is happening you just get on with whatever needs doing. Also free camping 3 days then stopping there’s a lot to catch up on. We do appreiciate your thoughts and comments. The next three weeks will be tough given all the tales about the roads we have heard. We have to stock up on all supplies here in Olgii as there are only Ger (yurt) camps from here to Ulan Bataar. We have heard conflicting descriptions on the distance but all say large rocks on the roads a worry given our ground clearance.
We have done our best to prepare and fixed the centre stand and sourced two new tyres off truck barrows for the outriggers we can only give it our best shot and see what happens.
We hope to try to blog but may not even have a phone signal so it may be quiet for 3 weeks  thanks for following us we hope to be in touch in Ulan Bataar.
  1. #1 by Lyn&Arthur on August 9, 2010 - 8:47 pm

    Hi K & K (for those who don’t know we are Karens mum & dad) We wondered how you were doing in Mongolia so it was good to know you are still enjoying the trip, even if the going is a bit tough especially on the old Guzz, hope the river crossing goes ok, & if you have to get a ride that it is better than the last one! How is the tent working out? is it as good as expected? How does it feel to be M/C nomads! after a week away up north on our Velo(1959 Velocette) we felt, it felt a lot longer, you start to get used to the idea except for the packing, things always manage to expand, hope you are still meeting lots of nice friendly people, ride safe Love M&D

  2. #2 by Jane on July 28, 2010 - 10:20 pm

    Hi Guys
    Great to hear from you, was beginning to wonder if you’d had a problem so pleased that you are OK and making good progress and have only had small mishaps. Hope that Kev is feeling better after taking the pills. All sounds much more exciting than here in the UK where although we have been enjoying several weeks of beautiful weather, we are in the middle of a mamouth decorating session – why did I think it was a good idea to do the whole house in one go?
    Good luck on the next stage of your big adventure we’ll be thinking of you and keeping our fingers crossed that you have a safe journey. Love Jane xx

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