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Two Wheels Again

What joy to be back under our own steam and independent again. With all the kerfuffal of the last week we had time to do some major thinking, having seen on the news the Kyrgyzstan/Uzbeckistan border of Osh had riots, fighting, gun fire etc this was the one we were heading for, we thought to […]

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Reunited with the Guzz

It’s about 3pm Tuesday we have ‘lost’ over 3 days where we could have been doing all the repairs so we crack on and spend long days in the workshop. It has been such a relief to come ‘home’ and we feel much more relaxed, that is until 9pm when the first minibus driver turns […]

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Paperwork, bent taxi drivers and nice people.

This blog is all our experience without our bike something which felt alien and strange we hated being relient on others and being so far away from the guzz as we needed to do so many repairs. It seemed such a waste of time and money for one stamp on our visa and we are […]

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