Mongolia stage 2

Mongolia what can we say, stunning, breathtaking, awesome, like a scene from a movie set, sandy, muddy, rivers, amazing bridges. beautiful, hard work, frustrating, cold, hot, raining, sunny, cloud cover, views for miles, friendly, everything you expect and more besides. I can’t find enough words to describe this country it really is the last unspoilt wilderness.
The inner villages are straight from the movies, horses tethered by the liquor store, a donkey and cart delivering the towns water, white picket fence running down the main high street all that’s missing is the tumble weed blowing across the road. Then there’s the Ger villages all along the valleys with horse corralls corralsherds. Parts resemble Montana in America, deep valleys with pine trees and fast flowing rivers with eagles soring above. When the weather’s good this is the most stunning place but when the weather blows in it can reduce visablitity tvisibilityto go on is foolhardy. We have encountered our toughest terrain yet and mileage is laughable some days. The roads are gravel/sand/mud which are treacherous when it rains. We have fallen off more times in one day than in ten years luckily so far without major injury. The riding is tiring but exhilarating, to look back across a mountain or plain you have just travelled is amazing. This country is huge!
To think we thought our Mongolian experience was over before we really started. Approx 30km from Olgi we hit another rock (it’s full of them) this time it’s more serious we have hit the oil sump broken some fins and oil is leaking. The rock managed to miss the bash plate and sneak through a gap, it did it’s job though the sump would have been damaged beyond repair. Not ones to give up so easily we rode away from the road and pitched up. Camp sorted we drained the oil (that washing up bowl is very useful) and Kev removed the sump, luckily the hit was on a fairly flat part of the sump so he uses chemical metal inside to repair the split. This done we replace the oil and retire for the night fingers crossed for the morning. Morning arrives and we peek out under the bike no oil leak, hurrah we can continue.
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