Mongolia the People

Right from the beginning when we stopped for lunch 50km from the border people have walked or ridden over to view the bike. This is the only language we really can’t get to grips with but the questions are all the same, what do you do with the wheels that are on the back, your roofs great idea, can I ride it…….. If it’s a morning encounter and they see the Tipi then this is another source of fascination, you can have a fire inside, where does it pack away. One of our best encounters yet was at a tucked away site (or so we thought), we were just preparing dinner when in a thunder of hooves four horsemen in full felt Mongolian tunics came over the bluff. We shared some biscuits then they left almost as quickly as they came we were disappointed as we didn’t get a chance to get the cameras out. A bright sunny day dawned and as we were next to a river we decided to make the most of it and have a proper wash. One of last nights horsemen fords the stream whilst I’m washing up. A little while later Kev was knelt down washing his hair and having a strip wash when I happened to poke my head out of the tent and look up towards the bluff. “we have visitors” I say, his modesty hastly preserved we greet our two young visitors who each have two oxen and two carts tied together. Some great photos and biscuits later they ford the stream and are away. A little while later three of last nights four men return this time we offer tea which they accept and when we ask for photos they suggest we sit on the horse to make it look better we have a nice chat the boss loves the Tipi and offers his horse a fine animal but we say we need our tent he then tries for three horses for the bike again we need it, they are great men and it has been a pleasure but they need to catch up with the lads with the oxen they sent ahead. We continue to pack up and eventually leave travelling a way down the road we see a swathe of cut grass and encounter our men again they have cut the hay loaded it on the carts and the oxen are now pulling it to wherever lots of waving and hellos we pass by and continue up an amazing mountain pass. Pausing at the sumit to do our three circuits round the “ovoo” for luck.
Our next town is Tossengengel approximately our half way point.
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