Tseterleg Mongolia

Hi Guys,
We are currently in Tseterleg a fairly large town by Mongolian standards, not so much fun these last couple of days as we are in a guesthouse recovering from a bout of food poisoning!
We were camped out in the mountains as usual when Kev felt sick in the night, then followed approx every two hours being ill, to make matters worse a storm blew in and I had to go out in the rain to peg out the storm guy ropes. Morning arises and mine hits me the other end, luckily this is a country with very wide open spaces and few people. I also suffer the approx every two hours syndrome. We have to head for the next town as we have very little water and if we leave it too long we won’t have enough strength. We take hours to pack everything up and are so weak it is a struggle to even pull the tent poles apart! Finally on the road we reach a small town and buy water and coke. We make it to Tseterleg by 1pm stopping at the first hotel we see. This is hugely expensive and really poor quality, no taps on the basins, hot water 9pm only, and the electric sockets falling out the walls but we have no strength left so say yes and fall into bed after a couple more trips to the bathroom Kev is finally able to keep water down. from 1pm to 11pm we sleep fitfully waking every 2hrs or so and take a glass of water/coke. Then we manage to sleep the whole night till 7am. We gather our stuff and go looking for somewhere cheaper/nicer. We land up in a guesthouse run by an English couple not cheap but lovely, hot water, lovely food which we hope we are able to sample later, nice rooms so we will stay a night maybe more.
I should explain how we came to be in this predicament traveling from Tossengengel we pass the usual Ger camps and wave only this time they beckon us over, we have been on the look out to experience true Ger camp life so swing the bike round and go to say hello. They are a family unit the oldest sister 35(pregnant) the youngest 5. Their dad lives in the city and their mum is with the gods. We arrive as they are putting the outer cloths on a Ger, pitching in we are allowed to lend a hand. We then help with the milking of  the horses and cows. They ask if we wish to sleep here in our tipi which proves too exciting words, they all come over to look at how we can have a fire and how we sleep, asking if we have food they then gather round to watch our every move making a very poor stew as we have little ingredients left. We allow a few to sample they don’ t like potatoes and soya meat!
Waking the next morning we prepare to leave when we are asked to come over by Engene a young lad of 19 who we can talk to via written English he  learnt it at school but can’t speak it. It turns out his brother is getting married the next day which is why they were kitting out the Ger with new flooring and carpets. We are invited over whilst they prepare a goat they have already slaughtered. We watch whilst they skin and sort the the meat and the innards they squeeze all the stomach contents out then flush with water and finally refill with blood thickened with flour it resembles a kind of sausage. The heart, lungs and liver are all separated a piece of liver is sliced off Kev is asked if they can use his stove to sear the meat which we all have a piece of. We are both not fond of liver but this tastes delicious the goat is finished and hung to dry in one of the Gers, then we have to finish decorating the wedding one. Kev and I have the honour of choosing the combination of carpets to go on the wall and are involved in fitting out the Ger. We are asked to stay another night for his brother celebrations but both feel we need to continue as we have a long way to go still and this has already been more than we hoped for, they give us some fresh bread and in return we promise to print out the photos we have taken and send them to his father who has an address in the city. We guess it was the liver taking it’s revenge!

  1. #1 by Lyn&Arthur on August 22, 2010 - 5:51 pm

    Hope all is still going well, we,ve just come back from a VMCC Jeff Clew Memorial run start & finish at Sparkford Motor Museum on the Velo (our 1959 Velocette) feeling rather good, lots of Vintage & Vetran bikes & we came back with a very nice glass award for the best Velo! Have now just viewed your latest pics of Mongolia & they are spectacular, hope you are enjoying it as much as it looks, you won’t want too leave! just mind what you eat & drink!!! Take care love M&D

  2. #2 by Jane on August 13, 2010 - 12:35 pm

    Hope you are feeling better – I guess it had to happen sooner or later. It sounds as if you are having a wonderful time and what an experience. My friend Imre has made his trip from Tokyo to Budapest in his Subaru 360. Over 12,000km on his own in just under 5 weeks with 360cc! He took a much more northernly route through Siberia and the Ukraine, the roads looked pretty bad but the scenery didn’t look anywhere near as spectacular. Look forward to more posts they brighten my day. Take care. Love Jane xx

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