Leaving Mongolia

Turning the next corner there we saw it a sprawling metropolis Ulan Bataar (UB by the locals) our target to catch up on stuff blogging, shopping, supplies and a cafe called ‘Oasis’ a travellers mecca to meet people, swap stories and catch up with people we’ve met along the wayside. We enter the city strangely not charged at the police post maybe because it’s busy, we have hardly gone 5km when all traffic grinds to a virtual stand still. It’s 3.30pm sunny and hot and sticky, half-hour of this and the bikes oil temperature is 100′c our blood pressure is not far behind. The lovely asphalt is replaced by our usual standard of holes and thrown in gravel, a car squeezes up our inside in a vain attempt to gain 10 yards or so or to have a gawp pushing us too close to the edge, it’s a step too far this far this time and clawing the air we lose balance and fall onto the car in question. Seizing this opportunity a dozen cars take advantage of the gap and rush around infront of the bike leaving the car driver to lend a hand if only to remove us from his bonnet so he too can be on his way, have we somehow left Mongolia and been beamed back to Istanbul traffic! Another hour and no  change we have a quick conflab and decide to about turn and head for the border instead stopping for ice cream and cold drinks first. A local asks if we are looking for a hotel, we laugh hysterically no the way out. Sorry UB we obviously caught you on a bad day and I’m sure we may come to regret our descion but for now it’s the right one.
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