Leaving Chita

The only way to find camping tonight is to turn off the main road this we do and are on our fourth stop to investigate a potentual site when the only car for hours stops (a uaz jeep) four mean looking hunters step out, usual questions asked but of course when we say we’re heading for Vladivostok they are very concerned you are not on the right road, there’s nothing for it we have to tell them we are looking for a place to sleep. We are then shown his mates fishing shack he won’t mind was the gist. We use the site but put the tipi up as it’s wet from this morning. We get a good view of the river and lovely late evening sun but midges are around.
The main road continues to be good asphalt but every now and then without warning or 50yds notice you are thrown straight onto gravel, just peachy when you’ve been travelling at 60 mph, so far we’ve stayed upright. The other thing lacking in this newly finished stretch is fuel stations and we are riding close to the wire. The tank runs dry after 222 miles but we have our emergency spare tank behind my seat it just has to plumbed through. This will give us approximately 60miles depending on how much has sloshed out on the ‘smooth’ roads. A quick glance at the map and you’ve guessed it the only town with fuel is Mogocha that will be the town of the said shooting incident! To make it even more of a challenge  the road is 8km of just scraped mud so we have a trench or groove to follow.
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