Woodland camp

We find a cracking little spot in silver birch and pine woods just off the main road on a side road. The midges are bad but we pitch camp and light a fire to cook burgers for lunch, this keeps them at bay. We wander down the track it has evidence of camping before but not for a while. We relax for the rest of the afternoon and light the fire for the evening. We decide to push on tomorrow as our colds have abated. We load up and Kev rides the track out of the woods to wait on the side road for me. Once on we head for the main road, trying for second gear nothing, it’s like its slipped out. He stabs the gearleaver again, nothing we have no forward motion. We assume our temporary repair in Kazakhstan on the driveshaft has been unable to cope with strain. There’s nothing for it we are going to have to somehow manhandle her back up the woodland track and pull her apart.
This is going to be tricky there are tree roots and an uphill stretch. We throw everything removable off and carry it part way out of sight, pushing with all our might we turn her round and negotate the first part, we come unstuck part way up the hill by a tree root so add some rope to whats on the winch and slowly winch her up the hill then we push for the remainder of the track back ‘home’. After ferrying the rest of our panniers etc we assess the situation. We are lucky there is a strong wind today keeping the mossies away.
I make lunch and repitch camp whilst Kev removes the various parts it’s not the driveshaft, although not pretty it’s hanging in there. Further investigation reveals the drive cog on the rear wheel which is all one piece had sheered off Kev feels it could be fixed by welding it back on if he can hitch to a town. We reassemble as much as possible tonight and after a nice fire retire for the night. It’s going to be a cold one. We have had a visitor in the night a mouse has chewed through the inner tent and left droppings everywhere. I am not pleased as I will have try to patch this to keep the mosquitos and midges out.
Morning dawns we both walk to the main road after laying markers for Kev to find his way back we agree that at 7pm I will walk up to road for a phone signal and he will try to text it is the first time on this trip we have been apart.
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