Leaving Camp

We leave our woodland camp. Luckily it was a great place to be stuck for a few days but it’s definately time to move on. Kev wants to pop in on the welder on the way past as he was curious about the bike. It is a small mileage day due to our late start and passes uneventfully. We choose a camping stop, a field behind some woods we want a quiet night tonight. The mossies seem really bad so we cook inside. I have a killing spree once they are trapped inside there are loads, come morning we are up with sun we have about hour and half of packing up then the midges and mosquites desend in their thousands. We have never seen them this bad we are in full bike gear with gloves and we have a head net on this makes us look like bee keepers. Still they attack, about 7 on the back of my hand alone. They are ruthless looking for anywhere not covered with deet, they bite through T shirts and trousers. It takes us twice as long to pack as we keep batting them off. To get our bike jackets on we had to walk 50yds in opposite directions dressing as we walked.
We head for the town of Belogorsk to get supplies passing through a most picturesque village on the way. We stop in a kind of general store as I need to get a new mug, my having split in Mongolia due to the extremes of heat. After the usual along a bit no up a bit, Da that one, she pulls a childs beaker off the shelf looking very quizzickly, when I motion to drop and break it she understands, we need a plastic one. We by a few more items where are you from? Going to? We get the buisness card out, just the two of you. Just before we leave she picks a bunch of gladioli and hands them to me a present. I am truely stoked and say thank you we fix the flowers behind the screen I will get a good few days of pleasure from them. Kev disapears off for food in another store as I try to pack what we have already bought. An older lady approaches, I smile she mumbles something I say sorry no russian, she starts to delve into her rather large bag she does not smell drunk  so I wonder what she is going to produce, she uncovers a book and opening it hands it over. It is written in Korean or Chinese I laugh, I’m sorry I cannot read this undaunted she turns to the inside front cover to produce a world map. I point to Britain a quick flick of the pages and written in perfect english all becomes clear she is a Jehovah’s witness. I am still chuckling about this encounter and how bizarre and surreal it seemed when Kev returns and we mavel that they are only people to have sussed the language barrier problem. Exiting the town we have a photo with some army lads. It has been a very social town.
Our social encounters continue as once on our way again we see a motorcycle parked up in the middle of no where it is obvious by the luggage that it is a fellow overlander we pull alongside. ‘Scott’ stares at the apparition beside him for a moment or two. We soon get the formalities over he is Scott from Canada now on his last leg and homeward bound leaving from Vladivostok 15th September as we are not intending to get there that soon we wish each other safe riding and ride together a while.*
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