Travelling together

We follow Scott until about 6pm as we seem to travel about the same speed but then we peel off to look for camping. I find a cracking little spot just off the road unfortunately the mosquites like it too and after yesterdays bitefest we decide to keep going. This seems later to have been a foolish decision as it will be dark in less than an hour and we are still looking having gone through road works where the edges are built right up making it impossible to get off the road also we’re back on the dirt dramatically slowing our average speed..
We pull off for petrol and Scott appears, he too has failed to find anywhere having looked at a few options. We join forces and on our third attempt we strike lucky a large clearing probably an old road builders camp with very few mosquites. No grass but you can’t have everything. We must have had a sixth sense yesterday as for the first time we made too much dinner and it’s been warming gently all day on the exhausts Scott is brave enough to accept our offer of stew and beer and we chat a while before bed. We are both away late as we chat whilst packing up Scott is heading straight for Vladivostok and we intend to stop in  ‘Khaberovsk’ the next large town and catch up with a shower and washing. We follow each other a while and Kev and I discuss our options we think if Scott doesn’t mind we can remain dirty for a day longer and reach Vladivostok earlier. We both enter ‘Khaberovsk’ about midday and we are so gratefull we chose to follow Scott as it is a large city and we have only three roads on our sat nav where as Scott has a route to follow. Half an hour later we are on the right road out. This time we have more sucess with our camp a grassy clearing in some woods right beside the road perfect for an early start.
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