Vladivostok here we come

It’s an early start we stagger ourselves by being ready to roll by 7.30am it’s only when sychronise watches we realise we have all lost an hour again. We agree on a point to meet just on the outskirts of Vladivostok so we can be independent with fuel, lunch stops etc. It’s not long before we stop for fuel so Scott waves as he goes on by. We get a little way further when you guessed it suddenly no drive. We assume the temporary repair has broken and there is nothing for it but for Kev to  strip it down to have a look, the camber on the side of the road is dodgy but with a bit of  manoevering we get it as stable as we can. Answering a call of nature in the woods I hear a sickening crash and silence. Shouting are you all right I rush out to the road still doing my trousers up, the bike is lying on its side and Kev is holding his leg, this time he manages to say he is ok. It seems when trying to get the back wheel out the bike toppled over squashing his leg under the rear crashbar, he somehow managed to push the bike off and pull it out. It is lucky it’s not broken but there will be a shocking bruise. The hero he is, his next thought was to lift the bike back up with my help and continue the task in hand. I replaced the tools whilst he caught a lift to town. He got luckly the same man took him to 4 workshops and eventually they found a welder but his machine was out on a job so undaunted he got the welder in the car and drove to where the machine was in use, welding some gates. Kev said he welded his bit balanced on a brick in the backgarden, the same guy bought him back and refused any payment whatsoever another example of the kindness shown to us by Russian people. After returning Kev back to me he realised there were two of us lots of hand shaking and ‘spacibu’s’.
Back under way again we are glad for the early start as we can still put some miles in. We stop about 7pm in an amazingly mossie free area on the edge of a quarry.
Next morning we spend time ensuring all the tent and sleeping bags are bone dry as we don’t expect we will be able to camp for a while. We are diverted through a largish town so stop for fuel. A car pulls so close to us at an angle I almost kick it getting off, there are other pumps available but no this man wants ours we place the nozzle in the tank and he also puts one in his. I go in to pay (you have to pay before they dispense the fuel) and he is behind me waving his money and yabbering something. We are in no hurry but it seems he is, eventually as we expected he has to remove his nozzle before it can dispense ours, we chuckle at the absurdity as he could have gone to the empty space and be away by now.
Reaching Vladivostok at 4.30pm we assume the traffic will be horrendous but most is exiting the city, using Scotts co-ordinates we find the Vladivostok hotel without too much trouble and are relieved to see his bike in the car park. It has been a long hot day and we are looking forward to relaxing.
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