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Route to Chita

The only advantage to backtracking is we are able to use the same camping spots which makes life easier when you’re losing the light at night. Returning to Ulan Ude we head back to the hotel car park to use up our credit on the internet cards, as always this takes longer than expected and […]


Lake Baikal

For the first time we delibrately turn and head west, our target the island Orhlon on lake Baikal. Russia is vast really vast, although we don’t travel fast we do try cover 3-400km which takes a day despite this it still took a good two days to reach the island the last fifty back on […]

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Ulan Ude

Ulan Ude turns out to be a little gem with lovely old Russian buildings slap bang in the center of the city. We start off in the auto sector which pleases Kev no end. This time we have our first invite to stay with someone which we are forced to turn down as this is […]

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Border Control Madness

We arrive at the border 11.30 ish Mongolian side which goes fairly smoothly as it’s nearly lunch only one hiccup I can’t find the vital bit of paperwork needed well it was only a month ago! They are getting frantic now as their tummies are rumbling and can’t release us to the next zone with […]

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UB’s Revenge

We pitch camp in the hills, there is a storm brewing so we tie out the guy ropes by the time we have the dinner cooking it is in full force and we don’t want to step foot outside for any reason. San banyo,(phonetic) san banyo, an urgent calling from outside, we try to ignor […]

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Leaving Mongolia

Turning the next corner there we saw it a sprawling metropolis Ulan Bataar (UB by the locals) our target to catch up on stuff blogging, shopping, supplies and a cafe called ‘Oasis’ a travellers mecca to meet people, swap stories and catch up with people we’ve met along the wayside. We enter the city strangely […]

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After Tstererleg

Fairfield the quest house we’ve chosen to recouperate in proves melting pot for travellers and we swap stories with Romanian, Austrian, German and English to name few, our methods of travel vary from backpacking to ‘civilised’ motorhome but our motorcycle still wins for most unusual. It has become ‘known’ and the one to look out […]

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