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The road is another corker rural, mountainous and really switchback but it is slippery with leaves and the heavy rain of last night. We arrive in Tono around 11ish and pass a folklore open air museum it looks interesting so we park up. A number of dwellings are arranged inside, one houses a display of […]

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Rider House

This morning we head for the caves, the signs are elusive but the road is great no traffic and really twisty. Arriving close to where I think we should be we spy some people in a car park so I go to ask. Hope answers me in perfect english you are here she says, it […]


Lake Towada

We take a look round our site and find it has a good value washing machine so pay for another night and sort a wash load. As we have the entire camp to ourselves we also leave our sleeping bags out to air under the cooking area shelter along with the washing and head off […]

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Back to School

The car stops and a guy walks over with a flashlight. We mumble our excuses, he motions ‘is it just one night’ ‘yes’ we say, we ask ‘how much’ ‘no fee’ he says ‘Arigato’ we murmur with lots of bowing. He disappears off and we get the tent up and dinner cooked most of this […]

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We prise ourselves awake at dawn (5am) ouch.As we are placing our kit out on the path a jogger runs by, he ignores us but it is the incentive we need and we pack up in record time. We are in the car park having cereal when the next batch of joggers and dog walkers […]


West Coast Beach Camp

We have been on the lookout for a free camp for a while when there is a large sign saying campsite. We pull in not wanting to look a gift horse in a mouth, the price is 1600 yen about £15 so comparable with a pricier European campsite. We are alloted a pitch close to […]

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The West Coast

As we are right on top of the spa resort we go and investigate. There is a mountain railway which takes you up Japans finest V shaped gorge, this turns out to be 20km long and an 1hr10mins which is good as we are still getting our heads round the exchange rate and when we […]

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We wake and for a moment wonder where we are warm but a rather hard bed then it all floods back. Yasuko spoils us rotten with fried egg on ham and thick toast, we can’t remember when we last had food like this. Full and happy we head into Toyama city and enjoy being tourists […]

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Karens birthday (24th September)

We wake relieved the tent is still up the rain has stopped but the gale is still buffeting the tent. I head for the toilet block which I have to add is permantly open no outside locks, full of toilet roll and clean, all three unheard of in britain especially after 6pm. Oh and no […]



After spending another night on the ferry we are eager to set foot on Japanese soil. We wave goodbye to Enrico he is free to go but Mit and us have to do customs. Japanese customs is complicated by the fact that you need a carnet to enter Japan but you also need to get […]

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