Karens birthday (24th September)

We wake relieved the tent is still up the rain has stopped but the gale is still buffeting the tent. I head for the toilet block which I have to add is permantly open no outside locks, full of toilet roll and clean, all three unheard of in britain especially after 6pm. Oh and no graffiti or litter. Our Japanese have had enough and are packed away just about to drive off, we too have to pack up in search of money. My phone has messages, birthday wishes from family and friends it makes me smile, we agree to pospone my birthday to another day as we have lots of chores and running around to do today. The banks are still refusing to part with cash so we change up some dollars we had for emergencies to tide us over. We have to get a new tyre for the bike, ours is worn-out now and some spare bits, it won’t be cheap but necessary in order to continue. It is a hugely frustrating day getting nowhere fast, we do manage to order a tyre it will be ready tomorrow but we have no luck obtaining a sim card. We have to be registered aliens in order to get one, as they link their phones to their bank accounts in order to pay for things by waving their phones at receivers. We only have barely an hour left to find somewhere tonight but the bike has other ideas the starter relay has blown, a quick thing to change but it’s now dusk. We have been in the Shidax (a highly popular karoke themed restaurant chain) car park a while now and fate steps in in the form of Yasuko, a lady Roof approached earlier in the Shidax about sims, she is asking if we are ok. I take the opportunity to ask if she knows of any camping nearby as I really don’t what to return to our beach camp tonight and although we agreed to prospone my birthday it really has been a pants day so far. She doesn’t take long to think and says it’s too cold for camping come and stay at my house. I don’t hesitate in replying we’d love too. Yasuko will not finish work till 8pm when we can follow her home so we say we will go get something to eat first. Looking around the place opposite seems busy, we enter and find it typical Japanese sitting on the floor at low tables. They offer western seating but we decline and opt to fully immerse ourselves. We do a lucky dip off the menu helped with pictures, it turns out to be cracking food and good value. The evening just gets better and better we follow Yasuko home to a beautiful 60 year old traditional Japanese house we are in the upstairs spare room. During the conversation later (her english is becoming better it turns out she worked for an american firm for a while but a long time ago) she asks our ages I reply 43 but only today at this news she invites us to remain another night so she can cook a meal and buy me a cake we gratefully accept her kind offer.
Yasuko and her husband Teruo are great hosts we are treated to a fabulous breakfast before we head off to be tourists in Toyama for the day.

  1. #1 by Lyn&Arthur on October 8, 2010 - 5:14 pm

    Hope all is still going well, it sounds like you will be able to find somewhere to give the bike some much needed attention, best of luckwith that. We didn’t take a bike to Lyme last W/E weather was positively foul, & now its dry & warm just like summer looking forward to the next blog love M&D

  2. #2 by keith on October 7, 2010 - 9:02 pm

    wow how wounderfull. sorry its late but happybirthday x been thinking of you guys lots and enjoy reading about your trip very much (wish i was there lol) take care ,oh and kevs hair looks alot shorter …….

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