We wake and for a moment wonder where we are warm but a rather hard bed then it all floods back. Yasuko spoils us rotten with fried egg on ham and thick toast, we can’t remember when we last had food like this. Full and happy we head into Toyama city and enjoy being tourists for a while wandering the streets. We find a wi fi spot and catch up on blogs and e-mails, the banks in england have finally caught up with where we are so when we try for money we get some and the sun is out what a difference a day makes. There is much to view in the city and at 4pm we finally head for the bike shop to collect the tyre it has a well stocked parts department and Roof is like a kid in a sweet shop and although really restained for him I still have to vet the goodies to the really essential the bill is still horrific we will have to live on noodles a while.
We head ‘home’ and after a lovely soak in the bath we are treated to a fabulous meal and cake complete with candles and Happy Birthday Karen written in chocolate. She even gives me a gift of a sweater to keep me warm in Japan. (If you are reading this now thank you again I have worn it often). Teruo her husband we find out is a retired colonel in the Japanese defence army and although cannot speak any english is great company and easy to get along with. We retire happy to our bed to be woken early next morning by fireworks and village chimes! We manage to ignor them and have a proper Sunday lie in. After another great feast we are shown a moated house nearby in the town complete with ornate gatehouse. When we are finally ready to leave I ask the way to main road on my map and Yasuko promptly jumps into the car with Teruo and personally leads us to it. That kind of kindness is precious and we will remember and treasure it. Our direction is fairly vauge at the moment just towards the north I chose the coast road but we cut in torwards the mountains looking for a camp it turns out to be a really popular spa resort but we find a sneaky spot to camp.
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