Back to School

The car stops and a guy walks over with a flashlight. We mumble our excuses, he motions ‘is it just one night’ ‘yes’ we say, we ask ‘how much’ ‘no fee’ he says ‘Arigato’ we murmur with lots of bowing. He disappears off and we get the tent up and dinner cooked most of this has been in rain, the car returns it is Nara again only this time with sushi and beer we retire to the tent. In the following conversation it appears we have camped in the school grounds he is the chef. A good evening follows until eventually his wife comes to collect him she comes in a while too for a chat, we say our goodbyes and Nara says we must come to his cafe for coffee before we leave this we agree to. Morning dawns and we pack up Nara arrives 7ish to view proceedings we finally finish shoehorning everything in. A teacher shows us the way we remove our shoes as is the way and walk through a maze of rooms. Arriving at Nara’s domain we are treated to coffee he motions are you hungry he then goes on to produce a slapup breakfast. The other teacher arrives with a camera and when we finally go to leave the head also comes out with her camera and with Nara showing where we pitched up takes photos of us and the bike. we are given a gift of apples and biscuits and well wishes. I cannot think of another country where it would be ok to rock up to a school out of hours and be treated like this certainly in England I think the police would have called. We wave goodbye to our new friends and head for the stone circles of Oyu. He remembers us from last night and motions was the camping ok it was easy to say yes it worked out fine.
The circles didn’t disapoint the area was massive and there were thatched dwellings around one compound of stones which they were in the process of repairing with more thatch, fasinating to watch in itself also the museum had many artifacts found there. The day was still young so we headed off to a copper mine for more sightseeing. The car park was deserted Roof went off to find where to pay and I found a kiosk with some leaflets. We saw some girls arrive and followed where they headed after losing sight of them we saw the entrance to the mine so wandered in a little way. It was lit by electric lighting but looked as though you should have a guide so we went back out to raise someone despite finding what looked like a kiosk we couldn’t find  anyone so wandered back in. It was a great self tour and some signs were in english we thoroughly enjoyed it.
After the mine we consulted the Japanese map and decided to head for lake Towada after following a blinding switch back road found a great and cheap little campsite on the lake edge.
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