Lake Towada

We take a look round our site and find it has a good value washing machine so pay for another night and sort a wash load. As we have the entire camp to ourselves we also leave our sleeping bags out to air under the cooking area shelter along with the washing and head off exploring. The next town is obviously touristville but now out of season and all shop owners are on the streets drumming up business. We take a walk along the lake side and find the statue of the two maidens along with BES beautification escort service or as we affectionally came to refer to as beautification enhancement squad. They also ran our campsite hence why it was cheap and went around pruning trees clearing leaves and raking the beaches etc. We also found a beautiful shrine in a redwood setting. In the afternoon following a twisty road we stumbled onto a valley with over 10 waterfalls all the coaches were stopping to let off their hoards so we joined in. We were beginning to lose the light so returned to camp to put away our clean clothes vowing just one more day here. We finish off the waterfalls in the morning and head for Towada city to stock up on supplies in a big supermarket returning we stop to explore Genko tree in Gory which turns out to be an enormous genko tree in the woods complete with it’s own shrine it’s girth is massive and takes three photos to get it all in. We return the long way i.e all the way round the lake it’s a blinder of a road and Roof is in his element. We stop at an observatory on the way which is as we suspected an observation point love the translations sometimes. Back at camp we arrive the same time as a Japanese biker but conversation is limited due to language. We enjoyed BBQ fish tonight yum and I take far too many photos of the glorious sunset. We suspect the smell of the fish was too great for the bears as we hear something large stomping around in the night luckily the bins are away in cages. We almost get up a couple of times but decide against.
Our Japanese friend is up and ready to leave when we tumble out our tent he gives us a huge apple as a present.  Another three hours later when we have squeezed all our new food in we leave to cross the mountains now heading for the east coast and Miyako. We are looking for a cave marked on our map apparently the largest in Japan and are in middle of a minor road when a bus comes he asks if we need help showing him the map he consults his one elderly fare then says follow me, a quick detour to drop off said lady he stops at the edge of a small road up there, very twisty he says. We camp off the road knowing it’s not far tomorrow.
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