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Dong Chung Ferry

Next morning we say goodbye to everyone again and head back to the port. We initially head out to the balcony overlooking the port, the ship is still there which is good but the bike is still on the quayside which is not so good. A visit to the office confirms that there are further […]

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New Friends

“Ahten” Pemoht Suzuki welcome us like long lost family, we try to explain the problem although of course its charging beautifully today. The problem we think is the regulator and it is displaying the same symptoms it did inTurkey, the voltmeter is slowly creeping downwards and although it is still charging the output is intermittantly […]

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We have rolled into the car park of the Hotel Vladivostok a day later than planned, I have used every scrap of energy I have left getting us here through heavy traffic and I collapse in a chair by the lifts dripping wet with sweat, filthy dirty and looking very out of place. Karen goes […]

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