H2 – NO!

The camping field is such a find flat, short grass, well grazed by the deer surrounded by mountains. We enjoy a good meal washed down with a wine/beer, as a precaution we cook on the far side of the field only when we come to ferry the panniers back it’s a game of find the tent in the pitch-black. We are woken in the night by the airbed going down again then two hours later by the monkies screeching. Roof does a good roar back to say don’t come near which seems to work. A little later we hear the whistling bellow of the deer. We have a lie in in the morning to snatch a bit more sleep and give the tent a chance to dry out. Finally on our way we head back to a waterfall we passed a little while back. It is very impressive you cannot get it all in one frame. It actually splits in two at the bottom. I take a photo for two men who return the favour. We get chatting “you must be rich to travel Japan” he says, when we explain we free camp most of the time because the campsites are too expensive he buys us a hot coffee from the vending machine. Back in the car park they take a few photos of the bike whilst we eat our noodle lunch. We head off round the lake to take photos of the autumn colours and must have snapped a hundred here at least. It’s 3pm but we must push on we have finally managed to get someone in Japan to receive a parcel for us (Chris thankyou again) and we need to be there so another set of winding roads awaits. We pass an attractive shrine in the valley so stop for a look, it is fortuitous as a huge rain storm comes in, we shelter in the main arch entrance till it eases slightly then run for the wet weather gear. We continue in the rain stopping for supplies and directions to camping. The roof does an amazing job of keeping the worst off so that Kev is unaware how hard it’s raining until he puts his foot down at some lights and is instantly wet through to his socks due to the river running down the road. We head down the turning for the lake where there should be camping and it’s like someone has turned off the tap, the road is Bone Dry there is a kind of imaginary water barrier we just drove through. We don’t complain it has just given us an extra half hour of daylight. There is no camping one end of the lake so we head for the other. It looks like a dead end with a toilet block and a kind of picnic area, one man is there we ask he says no camping but we follow a small road off to the side which leads to another dead end with a toilet block and tennis court. There is a small patch of grass the other side of a water gully we look at the sky, we’ve got no choice the rain we have just ridden through is coming and we have less than ten minutes of daylight. We lose the battle against the rain the tent is sodden before its up, the ground is already becoming squelchy so we retire to cook inside. I take the dishes to the toilet block to wash when I return there is a lake steadily creeping towards the tent we can’t believe this much rain has fallen in such a short time. It’s clear if we don’t do something we will have a lake in the tent so Roof digs a french drain to give the water somewhere to go, we retire knowing it will be a long night but short sleep!
It’s a record get away we have the ground cleared looking better than when we turned up and are back in the car park having breakfast at 6.15 before the first lot of dog walkers are out boy they get up early and the rain has cleared A quick detour to ride across the suspension bridge we spied yesterday then on to Numata to contact Chris with regard to rendezvouing with our parcel.
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