New Zealand

Hello Everyone,

We are appealing for a bit of help/suggestions/advice. We have just been in contact with our shipping agent and they have thrown us a curve ball. The ship we were expecting to sail on which only took two weeks is run by a different company and does not take motorcycles, the next available one will depart the same day but take a month to arrive in Auckland.
This means we will be bike-less from Monday 22nd November when it goes into customs clearance before shipping (26th Nov) right through to 24th December (yep Christmas eve!) when we can go to the docks to start the process to collect it.
We have thrown a few ideas around ourselves, we can stay in Japan for a while but it is getting cold here and all our bulky gear will be on the bike plus it is ridiculously expensive  although we do have a friend to stay with , we have considered being tourists in South East Asia but again the bike has all the equipment and it means extra flights although its cheap to stay there, we could hire a camper van in New Zealand and tour for a month but again its a big expense but it might be a nice change.
How do they expect us to live without our bike for a month, we have been every where together  for 7 months ?
So if anyone has any ideas or wants a bike/car delivered somewhere let us know.
We are trying to be philosophical about it sometimes things happen for a reason we just don`t know the reason yet
Maybe one of you does?
It has often been the way on our travels that good things occur when you least expect it and sometimes it is best to just let things happen rather than fight it.
Lastly dont worry, something will come right in the end we are sure.
 Karen and Kev (Roof)
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