Mount Daisen
We head out of Misasa but take a wrong turn on the edge of the town as Karen is busy studying the map not the road, also the road did not go straight out as the map suggested but turned right first for 200yards before becoming the correct road. It takes quite a few km’s before we realise the road we are on goes too too far out of our way so we are forced to double back. Once back in town we realise our mistake and find the right road, its a beautiful day and I am trying to get there so we can climb the Mountain while we have good weather. As we get closer to Daisen town the road is climbing and the leaves have changed here making a spectacular display full of vibrant colours. Cars have pulled over everywhere to take pictures so we join in, it’s a lot easier to stop on the side of the road on a bike and make u turns when you miss something. I am trying to press on my aim being to get there by midday at the latest as I have read it is a 5 to 6 hour round trip but our mistake this morning and the distance and distractions mean by the time we find the climbing path its really not practical to leave today because we will run out of light. There are loads of tourists everywhere and we realise it is Saturday which explains why the roads have been so busy. We stop in Daisen town at the base of the mountain and have lunch. It’s a hot day and I fall asleep on the grass for a while. Karen heads for the nearest building to wash up the billy and returns saying we are right next to the tourist information which is what we were looking for before we gave up and stopped for lunch. She has obtained a map showing a campsite very close which we head back to investigate. The car park is full and there are two tents in the campground a worker for bes informs us the campsite is officially closed but we can stay for free and the toilets in the car park will remain open. Karen goes off to find a pitch for the tent as most of the pitches have a raised wooden decking area which is too small to put the tipi on plus we can’t get the pegs in. Whilst she is gone I am approached by Mia the dreadlocked japanese lady we met at Tottorri sand dunes, she is holding up her Guzzioverland card but there is no need I recognise her straightaway, she is with Conchi and they are camped at this site. Karen rejoins us she has found a camp spot and it’s near to them. They are planning to climb Mt Daisen tomorrow so we suggest going together and they agree, now we have a dilemma due to rushing to get here we don’t have much food to speak of and the local town has tourist shops only. Mia solves this dilemma by inviting us to dinner tonight. Problem solved we pitch tent and  spend a enjoyable evening in their company. We have a nice meal consisting of pasta, mushrooms and salad together with some delicious hand made bread from a local bakery and a glass of chilean red. It was a real treat for us I can’t remember the last time I had a nice glass of red wine as its either hard to find or very expensive in Asia. We also light a fire and roast sweet potato’s, we all turn in fairly early around 9 as we need to be up early tomorrow for our assault on Mt Daisen.

  1. #1 by Jane on November 30, 2010 - 11:06 am

    Just looked at the latest instalment and very excited to see a pic of a Subaru 360 at Takayama, You may not know but we imported two of these lovely little cars from Japan about 5 years ago, we have one and victor has the other. It’s the same type that Imre drove from Toyko to Budapest in the summer. Wondring where you are now if you have stayed in Japan or have gone to New Zealand? Keep Safe. Jane xx

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