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We arrive in Matsumoto midday having paid for our first toll tunnel which was much smaller than a few we have already passed through. Japan is full of tunnels and bridges some so incredulous you wonder how they were constructed we have had junctions, hills and bends all in the tunnels.The back wheel bearing has […]

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Christmas come early

Christmas come early.We ring Chris from the Lawson conveniece store on Route 18 as we arranged. He comes out to meet us on his BMW and leads us to his house, which unusually for Japan is brick.He kindly offers to let us stay which is good as by now its 3pm and we will lose […]

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H2 – NO!

The camping field is such a find flat, short grass, well grazed by the deer surrounded by mountains. We enjoy a good meal washed down with a wine/beer, as a precaution we cook on the far side of the field only when we come to ferry the panniers back it’s a game of find the […]

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Temple Hopping

We peer out the rain has stopped but the mist is hanging like a silky veil in the hills. The ground is squishy underfoot but the tent is not afloat. We are far too lazy in our packing up and pay for it literally when the attendant comes round at nine but it’s a resonable […]

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