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Happy New Year

We want to wish all our followers a year filled with happiness and health. and a little quote – Embrace the unknown, sometimes it’s best if you don’t know what you can’t do. Stay safe K & K Share It | Bookmark It | Post It

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Filling in the gaps 15th Dec – 21st Dec

Awanui and Rawene At about 3pm we head out of Awanui having stocked up with supplies, the next stretch is a road Gavin recommended and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s 70km long and sweeps through farmland, forests and hillsides.It’s like the land that time forgot this side, the houses, shops and farms look like they haven’t […]

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Father Christmas is real !!! 24th December 2010

Woo Hoo! There really is a Santa Claus we got the one present we were really wishing for.We got the bike off the dock today. The paperwork side of things was fairly pain free apart on the pocket!! and we were allowed to ride her off the dock and ‘home’ straight away. Having been sat […]


Spirits Bay 15th December

If the Maori spirits come back as mosquitoes or sand flies it would explain why the air was humming with them last night. We thought our worst encounter was Russia but these come in as a very strong contender for the title. Then again it could just be that after 3 months of drought the […]

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Cristmas greetings

Happy Christmas A short blog big on wishes.We wish our families, old friends, new friends and yet to meet friends a very merry christmas. We are still unsure if we will get the one present we really want, that is the bike out of the docks. The ship arrives tomorrow 23rd December so fingers crossed.We […]


The Far North

Well erm a bit south first to the Kawiti glowworm caves which was magical, we never did get around to visiting while we were in Paihia so we came specially.   New Zealand doesn’t have bats in their caves which would ordinarily eat the glowworms. Here they thrive and are absolutely beautiful, as the lamps go […]

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Bay of Islands

We arrive in Paihia about teatime, we have a contact here (Gavin a fellow Spada owner) who has offered us a place to stay for a few days so we can have a base to explore the area and some local knowledge.Our brief ride through the town confirms there will be plenty to do here, […]

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The road from Piha is delightful twisty with good views, we are passing through the town of Woodhill when we spot a sign for monkey business with a name like that we cannot just drive by. A short detour down the gravel track and we find ourselves in the woods surrounded by lots of rope!!! […]

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Everyone has gone by 10am, the field seems strangely quiet and Rhondda’s very small tent somehow appears even smaller now it’s standing alone in the big empty field.We leave everything here and jump on the Vulcan for a quick spin down to Piha beach, there is a rock here called Lions Head Rock. It is […]

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Kiwi Welcome

Rhondda takes us home she has three grown up ‘kids’ two at home and a large Australian ridgeback/alsatian called ‘Bishop’ who greets us enthusiastically I return the greeting it has been a long time since Chita and my last dog fuss.We see our steed for the next month it is a Kawazaki Vulcan 800 a […]