Promblem Solved

As you’ve probably guessed we have decided to go to New Zealand next. When we were researching into shipping the bike over there we contacted many people through the Horizons Unlimited website. Bowled over by the many kind offers of help and accomodation we knew we could make it as back packers for a month. We have booked the flights, we leave the day after the bike. Two dry bags are packed for backpacking, a tarp, sleeping bags and minimal clothes, we do however have to keep the thermals for our last few days in Japan and after delibration we pack the bike gear with the bike keeping our boots, crash helmets and heated jackets as lightweight coats.
Whilst Kev is delivering the bike to the docks I am busy contacting our new New Zealand friends to see if we can get the carnet sent to one of them.
Rhondda replies to one of my emails she has seen the blog about our dilemma, her response “I have two bikes I can only ride one at a time you are welcome to use the other one till yours arrives” Rhondda turns out to be an absolute star not only does she offer her bike but also to collect us from the airport and put us up for a while.
I can’t wait to give Kev the good news he has probably had a tough day today.
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