Kiwi Welcome

Rhondda takes us home she has three grown up ‘kids’ two at home and a large Australian ridgeback/alsatian called ‘Bishop’ who greets us enthusiastically I return the greeting it has been a long time since Chita and my last dog fuss.
We see our steed for the next month it is a Kawazaki Vulcan 800 a good looking bike and it sounds great too.
We hit it off straight away with Rhondda (same feather) she has a wicked sense of humour and a heart of pure gold how we are ever going to repay her we don’t know.
We spend a far too comfortable week in Rhondda’s company catching up on blogging but mainly backing up all our photos since Astana to dvd and heading to the library to use their wifi to upload some photos. We take Bishop out daily which is a pleasure and apart from his unexpected dunking in the creek when in the bush which Kev had to wade in to rescue him, (he doesn’t like water and froze unable to move), we think he enjoyed it to.
We go for a spin with Rhondda to sample some fish and chips and eat them with a backdrop of the beach. Later we hoon up and down said beach on her dirt bike. We all have a go but Kev is really giving it some and spectacularly falls off we roll around in hysterics now we know Rhondda is our kind of girl.
There is a toy run organised with approximately 200 bikes going over the harbour bridge we join in and from here we head to the Ulysses rally in Piha.
This is the first rally we’ve been able to take in on route and it’s great fun. In addition to lending her bike Rhondda has supplied a tent and cooking equipment and two spare jackets so we can take off for a tour after the rally till our bike gets here. She is intending to do her own trip to South America in the next few years so I said all her good karma will be repaid on her voyage of adventure.
The rally is a blast, in the afternoon there is a motorcycle “gymkhana” in which Kev, Rhondda and many others particate.There are 5 courses to test them and they get 3 attempts at each. They include trying to guess the highest part of your bike and setting a bar to ride under approximately 100metres away, a sprint (on the bike of course) to find a hidden object and then a sprint back. Another requires you to keep your front wheel between two lines that zigzag all over the place and then a slalom course around cones picking tennis balls off the top of each one as you pass at each. It is all good fun and very lighthearted. Later in the afternoon there is a sausage swinging competition which we enter with Rhondda and Tony to make ‘team vulcan’. Basically you clip a raw sausage to your shirt on a long piece of string so it hangs between your legs and with a combination of pelvic thrusts, aim and timing you have to try and knock a small pastic ball down the course to your team mates in a relay race. It is funny to participate in and even funnier to watch, we make it through the semis and end up in the final. Much pelvic thrusting (and superior technique) later we whip em to be crowned champions woohoo.
Later after a delicous Christmas dinner our first in shorts! The band strikes up and after the raffle we are invited to choose the best fancy dress male and female, then we all join in with much dancing and partying – good fun !
Sunday morning everyone packs up to go, I look around the area and think there is so much to do, so we ask the lady on site if we can stay one more night. She has to check with her boss but a phone call later they say it’s fine. We say goodbye to Rhondda and the last of the Ulysses people and go out for the day. From now on we are back on our own.
  1. #1 by Rhondda on December 14, 2010 - 12:03 am

    Welcome to NZ – I came up with some suggestions for those jobs you’re thinking about: • dog walker (with bonus rinse cycle) • stunt rider/beach groomer • sausage wrangler / exotic dancer to name a few!! Have fun up North see ya soon. PS no word on the bike arrival yet. R xox

  2. #2 by Lyn&Arthur on December 13, 2010 - 9:07 pm

    What a great start to N.Z. The Motor Cycle “Gymkana) sounds rather like our VMCC Cheddar trial (in parts) on vintage bikes & sometimes we throw in a ford to make it more “fun”. Hope the Guzz’ arrives on time & all intact, must have been a wrench to leave it like that. Don’t get sunburnt while continue to freeze over here.
    Love M&D

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