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Christchurch Earthquake

Anyone at home will be waking up the news of the Earthquake in the next few hours. So far we have been extremely lucky and are okay although it gave us a real fright when it first kicked off. We are about 5km from the city centre in a modern single storey house built on […]


Shaken but not stirred – 22nd February 2011

Just a quick post Christchurch has suffered a major aftershock. The center is badly affected with a lot of damage as it occurred 1pm our time. We were in the city but away from the center in a friend’s house, it is not an experience we wished to have but we are ok and are […]

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Cyclone Wilma Blog 135

In the wee small hours the ground shudders and there is a loud noise, is it an earthquake? lying still it happens again, this time we notice it co-insides with a large lorry passing. Our campground is right next to the main road and the lorries start out at 3 or 4 in the morning. […]

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Waikaremoana Jan 25th -27th Blog 134

We wake around 8am and after breakfast start packing the bike. The weather isn’t great but it is  improving, it’s another tardy start and we aren’t away until about 11.30am. Jeanette and Ernie are leaving at the same time so we say goodbye to them and Phil and promise to look out for them in […]

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Rain, Rain, Rain in Rotorura Blog 133

It has been pouring down all night and there is no sign of any let up this morning. We resign ourselves to a day indoors catching up on blogs and the paperwork side of things. Phil is going to the shops so we cadge a ride just to get out for a while. We buy […]

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Escaping Hamiltons hold. 21-22 January Blog 132

After morning ablutions we head to the Salvation Army shop I saw the other day and we grab ourselves some bargains two T shirts each, for less than one normal price. We can chuck some of the thread bare ones away. Out of town we travel down highway 5 stopping in a little town famous […]

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Fix that Guzzi part2 Blog 131

On Monday the bike is back together so we spend the day sorting out a few other things. It suddenly stopped charging on the way here but when we test it the alternator is still working. This means we either have a break in the wire or a bad connection somewhere. The wiring is simple […]

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Fix that Guzzi part 1 Blog 130

Jan 15th to 21st in total (both parts) As the title suggests the next two blogs are more bikey and technical than most as we took a few days out to fix the crack in the steering and modify a few other things. If this isn’t your thing you can skip to the Rotorua blog […]

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Taupo 13-14th January Blog 129

We wake in our little den. Jared is the Guzzi club’s contact here and is mad keen on Guzzi’s our walls are decorated with badges, posters, photos etc. Although never having left NZ we see badges from England amongst others, he tells us later he swaps them with foreign riders. I now know why I […]


Route 43 The Forgotten World Highway Part 2 Blog 128

Heading away from Te Wera the road twists and turns along the course of the valley until we reach the next saddle. Here we climb out of one valley and over into the next one, it offers a spectacular view over the surrounding countryside and we stop often for pictures. Some of the hills were […]

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