Rockin down to Rocky’s 18th – 19th February Blog 145

Rockin down to Rocky’s 18th – 19th February Blog 145

We ride off the ferry about 2pm, Picton is such a small port that it’s hard to believe we are on another island as we head straight off up Queen Charlotte Drive. This is a scenic route hugging the Malborough Sounds on the northern coast line. We stop a few times to admire the view passing an english couple on a rented bike they only have two weeks to fit it all in, we pass a couple of times stopping at the same view points. It is a glorious day and having been out in the sun for most of it I am almost too hot. Our target is Blenheim and Murray our contact who is also attending Rocky’s do, the plan is to ride down together. Murray and his wife Alison along with daughter Jo are absolute stars they make us instantly at home and we are treated to a good home cooked meal. Murray has found a kindred spirit in Kev and the two are absorbed in garage stuff straight away. It was through one of our contacts in America (Pat) that we got in contact with Murray as he stayed with Pat when touring out there. Later that evening Murray mentions to Kev that a friend of his has built a Quasar replica (a motorcycle with a roof where you are seated with your feet in front of you also known as a feet foward design), Kev is keen to take a look as he has always been a fan of the concept but has never seen one in the flesh or should that be metal. Dave can’t bring the quasar to us as it’s being prepped to be shipped to England it has just been sold but he’s happy for us to go and have a look at it. It’s great to see one for real, Kev has read so much about them and seen lots of photos but it’s not the same as sitting in one which we both get the chance to do. Dave built it to the factory drawings (they were manufactured in small numbers in the UK in the 70′s and early 80′s) so it is a real quasar only with some improvements, It makes his day to see one, as he remembers seeing adverts and photos of them in the 80′s and they made an impression on him that has never gone away, they were also a little of the inspiration for the roof on our bike. He is keen to build his own version of one when we eventually get home whenever that may be.
After a lovely nights sleep we have a rare treat of bacon and eggs yum! There is no rush to leave early so Kev busies himself trying to fix our indicator problem, I catch up on the diary and blogs and Murray cuts the grass but we are all assembled ready to go 11.30.
Murray is a lot quicker on his V11 le mans and knows the roads well so he has agreed to wait at a couple of places along the way. This works well as we approach the cafe he has just finished his coffee, we are hugging the east coast all the way. Our next stop is a seal colony Murray knows the place to watch from. The youngsters are still with their mums they are getting bigger now almost teenagers but are still cute and pup like. We could sit and watch for hours as the pups play games of tag in the rock pools and mum sunbathes on the rocks. We stop also at Kaikoura  and ride out to the peninsular where we encounter some of the harley riders from the ferry, here we find a cafe and have blueberry muffin and coffee.It’s now 4pm so we push on for greta valley and Rockys party.
The field is humming by the time we show up, there is an assortment of Guzzi’s, campers vans, house buses and tents, the music and bbq are in full swing. We are delighted to see Jared is here, he was keeping it a surprise. The bike as can be imagined has caused quite a stir so it takes a while to get the tent up and we end up riding the bike down in front of the bbq and band so every one can have a look at it. Later in the evening Jared and some mates fasten a plastic beer jug for donations to keep us on the road and put some dollars in. We are introduced to Rocky who has dyed his hair red, white and blue for the occasion, this we are informed by various people is quite normal for Rocky. The party is more like a rally and his son is performing in the band which is really very good. We have a grand feast from the bbq and although we bought beers of our own there are is also a chest freezer full of ice and beer that Rocky supplied. We party and boogie till the wee small hours and chat to various people before we stumble to bed. It’s been a great evening thanks Rocky…..

  1. #1 by Summer on April 14, 2011 - 7:39 am

    I like the photos
    That you put on

  2. #2 by baldrick on April 5, 2011 - 2:17 pm

    still reading,still jealous!
    if you get stuck for some help/friends try ken and sue at brenchley farm ,lyttelton down near christchurch ? p-no (+64-3)328 8835. they are both mad as hatters.
    sue had a tr6 and a lotus elan , ken had a allazura ( ducati ) he raced at the isle of man and a db2 with a 900ss motor .
    email was when i say was it dates from 1996! say hi to them from me please, if you see them .
    when you get to oz i will send you a friends address and contact details then .

    HAVE FUN ! like you need telling .

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