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This as the title suggests is the second part of our stay in Sydney.  We are experimenting with how to go foward with the style of our blogs so please let us know what you think. The  intention is to make the blogs easier for you to read and us to write by adding more pictures and less text.

This time around we describe the events first and follow up with the pictures. Note there are multiple pictures for each section, you need to select each one.

Our next outing was to Featherdale Wildlife park, there is a big zoo in Sydney but someone recomended this place to us.  It’s more of a friendly family concern and we really enjoyed our visit.

Featherdale had mostly indiginous animals, there were lots of birds most of which we had never seen before.  There were also koalas, wombats, kangaroos, tasmanian devils, crocodiles, bats, Quokas (pint size walabies) crocodiles, emus. It was a great introduction to some of Australia’s wildlife and probably our only chance to see some of the rarer animals, it obviously gave us some good photo opportunities too.

The strokey animals take turns to be petted and their handlers rotate them when they have had enough. The kangaroo taking the self serve kangaroo food a bit to literally made a great picture.

Graeme and Cindy took us out for the day to Cronella one Saturday, we walked along the beach and stopped in a cafe for a coffee before catching the historic ferry to Bundeena.  It was a beautiful day and we had a nice look around and a ice cream before heading back to Cronella.  A strange thing happened in the car park when we pulled up in Cronella, we were all in Graham and Cindy’s car waiting for a space.  In front of us was a young lady with the bonnet of her car up and looking around, I got out and offered to help and ended up being in a magazine because it was a set up to test the theory that Australians are the 3rd friendliest people in the world. I did admit to being a pom but they glossed over that. It gave the others a good laugh, one minute I am offering to help a damsel in distress and the next I am posing with said Damsel for photos. Cindy also showed us a good second hand bookshop and we managed to buy a guide book for Australia quite cheaply.

Our next big day out came about kind of by accident. We had seen signs for something called Vivid Sydney the previous week and meant to come back into town to see it.   As it turned out we completely forgot about it and just happened to be in town sorting out some quarantine paperwork, once that was done we headed down to Darling Harbour and Chinatown for a wander around and saw a poster  which reminded us.

We rang Graeme and Cindy to say we were going to stay in town and headed back to the Glenmore to have something to eat, it was another good meal and an excellent venue to watch the start of the lights from. We met and got chatting to a nice couple from Perth too.

Some of the skyscrapers were lit up and the Opera house had amazing graphics projected onto it from across the quay. there were also smaller lighting features dotted all around The Rocks area. We watched the lazer projection from the roof of the Glenmore with a couple of drinks after dinner and then walked around town to look at all the light displays. There were also some spectacular and very clever interactive art pieces around Circular Quay, one of these allowed people to throw virtual paint at a massive building. The other really clever exhibit was light show projected onto the front of Government House, it was run by computers and multiple projectors and created some very special effects. The building appeared to fill with water, then spring a leak and drain again. It also moved blocks around and made the building appear to rearrange itself amongst other things.

The rest of the week we had to start customs procedures to release the bike. Australian customs and quarantine are very strict and seem to generate massive amounts of paperwork. Also to add insult to injury the wharf workers went out on strike for a week which didn’t help. We got the bike out eventually and spent a couple of days at Graham and Cindy’s re-packing it and checking it over.

We would like to say a big thank you to Graeme and Cindy, they were really patient and hospitable when things were delayed by the strike. It was really kind of them to host us for a week let allone the 3 weeks it turned into with the delays. It was a great introduction to Australia.

We had a great time in Sydney and would recomend it to anyone.

Our next destination is the Blue Mountains followed by the Horizons Unlimited Travellers Metting near Brisbane.

Lots more pictures of Sydney coming up in a link to Flickr Set 168


  1. #1 by Julie on June 15, 2011 - 9:39 pm

    I was getting a bit worried there as it seemed like ages since you had had an ice cream …!
    Photos fab as always.

  2. #2 by Lyn&Arthur on June 9, 2011 - 12:22 pm

    Amazing pictures, technology’s a wonderful thing. I like the new format, it helps to explain the detail in the pictures. Sydney looks to be a really interesting place probably better explored using public transport as you have. Enjoy your trip Northwards, we can now track you accurately. Lyn and Arthur.

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