Seal Rocks to Bellingen Blog 170 10th – 12th June 2011

Our planned destination today was Nabiac, it is home to the Australian National Motorcycle Museum which is open from 9am til 4pm every day but at lunchtime we still had some way to go so we decided to head out to Seal Rocks on the coast and go to it first thing tomorrow instead.

We got to Seal Rocks by about 2 o’clock and had a nice late lunch by the beach. The Pelicans kept us amused, they were waiting for small fish to get washed in before scooping them up, the gulls had no chance. Look closely at one of the pictures and you can see the silhouette of the fish in his gullet.


Img_7686 Img_7696 Img_7697 Img_7698 Img_7704 Img_7710 



After lunch we walked up to Sugarloaf point and the lighthouse, there was an amazing blowhole there and the lighthouse was very photogenic. It was built in 1875 and still has it’s original lens built by Chance Brothers and Birmingham (see good Pommy engineering).

The other pictures are of the other beach at Seal Rocks, just as we were leaving to head to our campsite Karen shouted stop, a pod of Dolphins had come in really close to shore. They were hard to photograph but great to watch. I managed to stop and get a couple of shots. Just as we got to the beach a dolphin was shooting along through the forming wave, I couldn’t get my camera out in time but it was amazing to watch. We could see the Dolphin clearly through the water, it would have made a fabulous picture.

There was a great campsite right by the beach but as it was getting dark anyway we opted to travel a few km’s back to a National Park campsite to save a few bucks.

The place was deserted but we were fine with that, there was a choice of lakeside or forest pitches but we chose to camp in the woods as it was more sheltered and warmer.

We got the tent up in the dry but it rained hard all that night, the morning didn’t offer any relief either and we had to stuff a very’ very wet tent back in the “drybag”. We were glad we saw seal rocks in the sunshine yesterday as it’s grey raining and miserable today.

It poured all the way back to Nabiac and although the roof and screen kept the worst of it off when it’s that heavy it’s still not fun. The motorcycle museum lived up to expectations though, it has great collection of over 700 bikes and we looked round for about three hours. Have a look at the pictures below or if you want to find out more.



We were lucky that we had somewhere to stay the night some friend’s we met in Milford Sound at the top of Key Summit had said when you are passing pop in to visit. As the rain is forecast for the next few days it will be good to try to dry some of the equipment out first. We will have to ride in the rain at some point as we are on a time frame for Brisbane and an overlanders rally next weekend.

We hope you like the new style blogs, we have had good feedback so far. There is a picture below of the mobile phone that all the previous ones were written on before we got the laptop a few weeks ago. I hope you can understand why the blogs took a while to write and were a bit limited on pictures.

The other good news is that Mark came through with the offer of a brand new driveshaft. With the help of Mario at Thunderbikes at Perth he found a Guzzi one that is only 5mm shorter than ours, we fitted it just before we left Sydney and so far so good.    WE WOULD LIKE TO SAY A BIG THANKYOU TO MARK AND MARIO FOR THEIR HELP AND GENEROUSITY, GOOD ON YER GUYS !!!!!! Picture of our shiny new one piece shaft and coupler below.



  1. #1 by KP on June 18, 2011 - 1:18 am

    Finally caught up on your blog after 2 weeks absence. With your new font, fontsize and no background it is MUCH easier to read. As always is very entertaining to read about all your adventures.


  2. #2 by Lyn&Arthur on June 15, 2011 - 4:28 pm

    We’ve always been impressed with pics & blogs you managed to produce on the mini compt’s!! Looking at the pic of the Guzzi one wonders how you two find a space there doesn’t seem to be much! Hope you don’t encouter too much heavy rain on the way to Brisbane, take care, Love M&D

  3. #3 by Jane on June 12, 2011 - 12:15 pm

    Hooray – great to be up-to-date with you guys and knowing where you are. Love the new blogs, get a much better idea of things when you can see the pictures alongside. Must dash, got to help James clean the Multipla ready for a posh concours we’ve been invited to. Have a great time. Love Jane xx

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