Blog 173 A productive time at Peters 20th June – 5th July

We back track to Brisbane we had intended to spend some time here fettling the bike as we have a long way to ride in Australia and we are going to be in some really remote places at one stage or another. Brisbane being the last city in which to source parts fairly easily and cheaply.

As we previously mentioned the bike is running really nicely but the clutch has been dragging for some time and it seems to be getting progressively worse. We met loads of great people at the HU meet many of whom invited us to stay on our journey around Australia, a fair few of these lived in the Brisbane area one of these contacts was Peter who lived close by. We rang to see if it was convenient to stay for a few days to sort it out. Luckily for us he said fine and was a great host with a great workshop as well.

We managed a good mix of pleasure and work during our stay.

We had a ride up Tambourine Mountain, I borrowed a dirt bike as the Guzz was in bits (more about that later), we stopped off at a cafe for coffee in Canungra. Here is us on the ride with Peter and Rod his mate who was visiting for a few days.


We helped out a bit to earn our keep as well here is us trimming Peter’s palm trees, we all pitched in together and gave them a good prune.



Turning our attention to the clutch. We tried changing all the wearing parts that we could from the outside; the pushrod, thrust bearings and associated parts but it made absolutely no difference whatsoever DRAT !!!

There seemed no choice but to tear it apart again, unfortunately. We could have soldiered on but it was a pain to ride in traffic and it wasn’t doing the bike any good. Given what we are going to be up against in the coming months we thought it was better to sort it out now while we had a good place to do it.

We got stuck in and after stripping the bike down discovered the problem was caused by badly worn splines in the flywheel. The clutch moves up and down these splines and the teeth were so stepped that they were stopping the plates from moving freely hence the dragging.

The fywheel has done nearly 90’000 miles or 180’000 km and it’s just plain worn out, we made a couple of phone calls to see if we could get another one. We had a great welcome from the Guzzi club here and also Keir from the Moto Guzzi club of Melbourne and Mark from Canberra both were really helpful and rang around for us to try to locate one. It wasn’t looking too promising at first and Karen spent ages one afternoon with a Dremel smoothing out all the steps in the splines, we figured it would buy us some time. Then of course a mint secondhand one turned up thanks to Keir’s searching and Eurobrit spares who stripped down a low mileage breaker specially.

This came about on a Friday afternoon and they couldn’t get it shipped until Monday so it left us a few days to do some other things, we had the chance to make and modify things on the bike largely thanks to Peter, .

There are a few pictures of our handy work below; we made an external oil pump and fittings to circulate oil to our cooler and some armrests for Karen.


The armrests are part finished here they still need painting and padding. The lids open to give Karen some storage space as well as somewhere to mount her heated clothing controller and charging plugs.


We also made a good start on refridgerating the front box (our larder) by attaching external heatsinks, heat transfer blocks and insulating foam. We plan to pick up some other internal heatsinks and peltier elements to finish them off. I also would love to get hold of a large 60 or 80 watt solar panel to put on the roof to run the “fridge” when we aren’t riding but they are expensive. It’s not just a gimmick, if we can keep food chilled below ambient temperature it lasts longer and we can stay in remote areas longer. 



There was plenty of time for fun stuff too, one of Peter’s many hobbies is building model steam engines. We were itching to see one running so he got out the meths and “steamed one up” for our benefit. We also got his TLR 200 trail bike out from it’s usual spot and we all had a hoon around on it.



We had sa id goodbye to Rod who was off home again and now we were joined by Nathan, he has just finished a six month ride around Australia on a DR650. Peter has been following his ride reports on ADV rider and invited him to come and stay for a few days as he was nearby. He was good company and it was great to pick his brains about what’s coming up.The group shot was from a ‘pot luck’ dinner arranged by his riding buddies and their wives (we met some on the coffee ride).


The last couple of days was spent testing and fitting our new stuff. We went for a ride out with Peter and Nathan but unfortunately a hose popped off on our first test ride so we let the guys go ahead while we sorted it. Once that was sorted we went out on another test ride on our own and it seems to be working okay. The clutch is now working like new

These pictures were taken from Mount Tambourine on that ride


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