Next blog !

Hi all,

Apologies for the wait we have had little mobile reception for some time and none where we are currently staying.

We came into the biggest town around here Carnarvon and even then we have had a heck of a lot of trouble trying to send the last blog as the connection was so slow.

We had 2 blogs written out offline and stored in word and all the right pictures shrunk and saved so it was just a simple cut and paste that would only take an hour or so we thought. Hahaha !!!

How wrong we were as it has taken all day to send just one !

Posterous’s new website seems to be 1 step foward and about 10 back and kept losing photo’s and gallery’s and taking an eternity to save.Arrrgh !!

We will be emailing them later to point out some of the problems.

In the meantime don’t worry we are enjoying the wild west coast and normal service will hopefully be resumed when posterous sorts a few of the bugs out and we get somewhere withan internet connection thats not powered by coal.

Ciao for now

Kev and Karen

  1. #1 by mark on November 4, 2011 - 11:19 am

    lets have a look at the part ! how about a picture of the broken piece . Is it the Cush drive bit ? have you removed1/2 the rubbers ? let us know

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