Blog 206b Adelaide part 2 15th – 22nd Feb 2012

We decide to go out and explore some more of the sights on the bike next day, our first stop is the whispering wall a concave dam that acts as a perfect sound reflector (parabola). I walk over the top of the dam and have a conversation with Karen on the other side which is perfectly audible without raising our voices above normal speaking pitch even though she is 140 metres away. It is like having a telephone conversation on a really clear line. After our turn is up the children behind us sing happy birthday to their Grandpa who is on the other side of the dam.


We carry on exploring the Adelaide hills which are great biking roads. The names of some of them are legendary amongst bikers in this area. We ride the chain of ponds road, the corkscrew, the gorge road and the Barossa loop. Along the way we spot a rocking horse on steroids that demands a picture, it is the centrepiece of a toy factory.


After lunch we pass through Birdwood which is famous for its motorcycle museum which unfortunately we do not have time to stop at today so it’s on to Handorf named after Captain D.M Hahn one of the co founders of this traditionally german settlement. Hahndorf has kept (and plays on) its german heritage and is an interesting town to explore. A lot of it is for the benefit of tourism but it’s done well and the place has character.


Adelaide is also the home of my godfather whom I haven’t seen for 38 years. My mum wrote him a letter some time ago to let him know I might be paying a visit. She had an address as they had sent cards and things over the years but no phone number. I managed to find Mikes phone number using an online phone directory and gave him a call to see if it would be okay to come and say hello. We had an chat on the phone and arranged for lunch at his place on Sunday. Mike and his partner Betty are really lovely people and it was great to see Mike after so long. We had a great afternoon of easy conversation and Mike had another surprise for us as his son and daughter arrived to say g’day. Mike was a mate of my dads way back (my father died when I was 18 ) so it was great to hear some interesting stories of their mad motorcycle trips to the Isle of Man TT races. Here are some pictures of the afternoon including one of me and my sister taken just before Mike left for Australia (gonna get some stick for that one).


Sandy also very kindly took us into the city one evening for a night-time tour. Adelaide is known as the city of Churches and is beautiful at night.


Trish organised a reporter to come round from their local newspaper the Bunyip. Two young girls show up and obviously haven’t a clue about bikes so we explain what everything does and where we have been.They seem to make a pretty good job of it but we left before the article came out.

Our last appointment was at Sandy’s daughters Kindy school for a show and tell about our trip. It is a good geography lesson for the kids and everyone including the teachers seem to enjoy it. The kids all have their pictures taken sitting on the bike and we get a great group shot at the end. The first picture is Sandy and Katie trying out the bike.


We head out of town through the Adelaide hills but there is one more stop to make on the way at Morphet Vale to visit Stu and Tom the guys we met in the Flinders Ranges. We arrive at Stu’s place by late afternoon and Tom comes over to join us we have a great time chatting about Asia and some of the places we have been. We hopefully give them some useful info as they plan to ride from Holland to Australia for charity see for more info.

We have a barbecue and salad for tea and Stu treats us to some delicious 10 year old port, a friend of his bought a 300 litre oak barrel of it from a bankrupt winery and boy was it good. He said his friend also had a 15 year old barrel as well but he wouldn’t part with any of that so that was obviously really, really good. We had a fun evening eating, drinking and talking till gone midnight, they are good company.


The Endeavour has now caught us up and sailed into Adelaide harbour so our time in Adelaide really has to come to an end, a big thank you to all we met for making it really special.

Next up – Mount Gambier

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