Guzzioverland Update.

We have a bit of bad news to report I’m afraid.

As you all know we are a bit behind on the blogs, we were in fact coming to the end of our Australian leg just finishing Victoria and the ACT before heading back to Melbourne to prepare for shipping to South America.

After covering approx 30’000km around Australia were only 100km or so from Melbourne and journeys end when either our rear tyre lost pressure or the rear wheel locked up we are not sure which yet. It’s hard to say as it happened very quickly but the bike went into a horrible S weave/skid before the lights went out (figuratively speaking). The inevetible fall was sadly on tar seal which doesn’t give much.The reason for it might become clearer when we start to fix the bike.

Kev valiantly struggled to keep on our side of the road and avoid anything solid for a few seconds to minimise damage but then it was all over red rover, he got carted off to hospital by ambulance but has now been given the all clear. He has some nasty scrapes on his shoulder and elbows and bad bruising down his back and left side, he however was the luckier one.
I had a ride to hospital in a helicopter and have a broken collar bone, two cracked ribs and three fractures to my pelvis, this is the worst part as it means I am non weight bearing for a few months. So bed for now followed by wheelchair, then rehab.
There was a suspected neck injury at first and I had to wear a brace for three days but x ray results showed it was older damage from when I was 20 something. Phew !




It has been a blow as apart from the obvious physical pain etc we were all booked to ship the bike to south america whilst we explored South East Asia. This probably isn’t going to happen now (although you never know) so we will have to rearrange the bike shipment and extend our Australian visa’s while we recover and repair, still the silver lining is we may catch up on the blogs as I recover and if we can delay shipping winter will be over in South America.

The bike is a mess but it should be repairable (hopefully), especially gutting as apart from a mystery gearbox noise I was going to fix at Martin’s she was in good shape.


Bike and helmet carnage pics.




Our beloved Canon camera didn’t escape either.



When we recovered the bike the back wheel would not turn even in neutral or with the clutch in and there was a massive flatspot worn right through the bottom of the tyre so maybe something locked the back wheel ? We will see.

Our protective gear did it’s job but is now trashed, my crash helmet has a large split and Kevs has a big area ground flat and a crack. Strangely both of us could have sworn we didn’t hit our heads or black out but clearly we did. Both of us don’t remember anything until the ambo’s got there. They cut my NEDS off me, without them I dread to think what my legs would have been like. In fact neither of us has a mark on our legs. Both our jackets are scrap, my elbow suffered a deep graze despite armour, I guess my sleeve must have ridden up as I hit the deck. Kev has removed a big piece of skin from his left shoulder but it must have just been friction against the inside of his jacket as it’s clean and his jacket isn’t torn there.

Reasons to be grateful:

At least we are both going to be alright.

The bike should hopefully be repairable.

No one else was injured or involved.

We did it in the right place, i.e where there is very good reciprocal medical care, they speak the same language (just) and where we had already made many friends

The fractures are clean and everything lines up and is where it should be.

A big thank you to all of the Victoria Guzzi Club who have been brilliant but especially Neil and family for looking after Kev. Thanks also for the many offers of help with fixing up the bike. It will be a few days before Kev is mobile enough to think about this but he appreciates your kindness and assistance.

Thanks to Martin and Pete for finding us a replacement back wheel (ours is now a really funny shape)

Hapilly Karen is in good spirits and not in much pain.

She is probably being moved out of the trauma ward today and on a rehabilitation hospital so good progress in only a few days.

Pics of some of the visitors and Karen in Hospital.




The rear (sticky) side of Kevs ECG stick on pads. OWCH !!!!  It took 3 x eyes closed , count to three pulls to get the worst one off. Yes that is my chest hair !




Kevs skinned shoulder, more of Karen’s bruised shoulder and the bruises on Kev’s back starting to come out more owch !




Paul and Kier giving Karen their un divided attention. You can tell the latest Vic Guzzi club mag is out.




Kerry and Paul from Tasmania even came in to carry on the abuse.




Seriously though, thank you everyone for coming and keeping Karens spirits high.

We loved seeing all of you.

We will be carrying on our trip to South America but first we need to rest, repair and recuperate ourselves and the bike.

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