Moving to Rehab on Wed 2nd May 2012 (Bank details amended 6/6/12)

Right enough slacking around in bed for this young(ish) lady, back to work.   Look out world – cause I’m ready to face you again, besides I have my “office” set up now so there really is no excuse.


I was admitted to the Alfred Trauma hospital on Friday 27th April by helicopter with a suspected neck fracture, broken pelvis in three places, broken collarbone, two cracked ribs, a gash to the elbow which needed stitches and gravel rash to the wrist.

Things were not looking good, besides that Kev was going to a different hospital by ambulance and I had no knowledge of his injuries but at least I knew we were both alive.


Fast forward to today Monday 14th May and a much rosier picture. I am sitting up in bed (my “office”), fully clothed having been in the wheelchair down to the common room for a coffee and chat to some of my fellow inmates. I am on a full physio regime twice a day and as soon as the stitches in my elbow are out and the wound is closed, I can go swimming. I am allowed short hour long stints outside at my request. There are still major hurdles I wish to achieve soon, such as propelling myself in the wheelchair and commode chair to be independent within the hospital and to be able to shift my position at night so I can sleep better but I have made massive progress in such a short time and I am more than happy with where I have reached right now. I think I will be fairly stable at this plateau for a while until the bones have a chance to heal. I had a fantastic ward mate, Michael whilst in the Alfred who made my time there pass fairly quickly.
I now have a new room mate in Epworth my rehab hospital. Agnes still speaks with a strong scottish accent despite having been in Australia for 52yrs.

Poor “Boofle” did not fare well either, he was missing in action for three days and we were getting concerned but eventually he was found and now sports a few trendy bandages of his own.

Here is a photo of Michael heading off to rehab, Boofles new bandages, my xray photos of my pelvis and collarbone (the breaks have been circled) and the view from the patients common room.


Kev has been really well looked after by the Guzzi fraternity of Victoria and offers of assistance to repair the bike have been coming in. He suffered his own wounds and has had some deep bruising which is slowly healing as well as a swollen ankle and abrasions to his shoulder. He is still sore but now feels well enough to fully strip down the bike and fix her up.

He is deeply grateful for the help from everyone in the club but especially John who is currently donating his workshop and expertise and and Neil who has been the best friend we could ever ask for. Thanks also to everyone who has been visiting me in hospital I really appreciate it.

It seems the likely cause was something in the gearbox jamming which in turn locked up the rear wheel. Kev is just about to remove the gearbox so we will know for sure soon.

The strange looking picture below is Kev’s back, how he didn’t break something I will never know. The other pictures are some of the bikes trauma. Pete Roper who is well known in Guzzi circles is helping us out with a replacement rear wheel but who knows what we will discover in the gearbox.



We have had our hands full the past few weeks, not only our recovery process and the repair of the bike but also a whole heap of paperwork as we had to cancel flights, extend visas, carnets etc. During this time it has been bought to our attention that people have been asking where they can send some money to help with our costs. For those that wish to help in any way, we have two accounts one UK and one Australian. Direct transfers can be made to these banks. We really appreciate your help.

We will have to replace all our motorcycle clothing, helmets etc but NEDS (motorcycle wear) of Brisbane have been great and sent us some replacement cargos which turned up today (Thank you again NEDS!!!). A lot of our gear looks like it has been through a lawnmower but neither of us a scratch on our legs so the kevlar did it’s job admirably. Pictures in due course.

Thank you also to Martin from who has very generously donated us two of his jackets to replace ours.


 UK account: -Nationwide Building Society

 Sort Code: 07 02 46

Account Number: 1040920

Account Name: Mrs K Browne


(Sorry for those of you who tried earlier here are the correct bank details a digit was missing).
Australian Account: – Commonwealth bank
Account name – Kevin William Browne and Karen Browne
BSB: – 062222 Account No: – 10216030


We both want to say a massive thank you, to all of you, for the well wishes, support, advice and donations. We hadn’t quite realised how many friend’s we had made or people we had following our journey until now. It is all of you that are helping us to get through this “hiccup” in our journey. 

We will blog all of this accident  in depth in due course but for now this is the last accident related blog I will write for a while. This will give me the chance to allow us catch up to this moment, after all we are still in sunny Tasmania and I wish to transport you back there for a few more good times yet.



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